September 25th, 2006

hermione by oatmilk

[The West Wing] 1.04 "Five Votes Down"

I edited my post on the pilot of The West Wing 'cause I'd forgotten about the disagreement Eric and I had about the song that was playing in Mandy's car in her first scene.  (I was right, of course.  Though I honestly almost expected to be wrong because it's music, which is not my forte.  Hee, pun.  Feel free to debate the pronunciation if you wish.)  I e-mailed the group this morning with the info ('cause that's what I do).  Eric responded: "Dorkiest….E-mail…Ever…"  I think that's overstating things 'cause really, we have a long history.  It's possible that he's even sent dorkier e-mails.


As for this episode...


[Quotes from  Reading the transcript I definitely caught how some stuff connected/progressed that I hadn't when actually watching the episode.]

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