September 27th, 2006

hipster me

info-dump: the continuing saga, CAUMC session on faith and the bible, and a language poll

On my way to class on Tuesday I saw all these people dressed in white with angel wings handing out Cirque du Soleil flyers.  Definitely brightened my day.

Class itself was a bit of a downer, unfortunately.  I'd forgotten that we were still gonna spend some time on "The Dead," so I hadn't even brought The Dubliners with me.  (Not that I was excited about A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man either.)

That afternoon, Cailin was talking about how Eric spends a lot of time at my desk and doesn't do that with, for example, Alyssa.  She is correct about that, but it's one of those things that sounds like flirting when the story gets told but doesn't feel to me at all like flirting while it's happening.

I feel like I should create a tag for this whole "should we hook up?" issue, 'cause really the main purpose of tagging is to be able to easily pull up all the entries relating to a particular topic.

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At CAUMC we're starting Living The Questions.

We watched a half-hour DVD, and I was a bit disappointed that all the people who talked seemed to agree with each other (Trelawney had commented that they won't all agree with each other and certainly we may not all agree with them/each other, so if you're gonna crit one of the speakers do it lovingly allowing other people space to agree with them).

[We read the Foreword and Disclaimer before watching the video.  Afterward I read the actual chapter.  Collapse )


Prompted by a discussion...

Poll #831777 could care less

"I could care less."

No! "I couldn't care less." (Unless you really literally intend to say that you care somewhat about the thing in question -- and thus are capable of caring less about it.)
It's a common, accepted idiom. No problem.
What, there's a problem?