October 4th, 2006

moon house

"Every Wednesday it hits my brain"

hedy reminded me that I meant to look into the state initiatives (and the gubernatorial race while I'm at it).  Anyone who has thoughts or links, please feel free to share.

Unrelatedly, Eric's family wins at dysfunctionality.  Obviously I always think my parents are awesome, and I already know from various stories that his mom would drive me nuts, but, um, I totally had a flash of Ted's parents from this week's HIMYM episode.  Yeah.  I literally said, "Remind me to call my parents tonight and thank them for being so functional."

And now to attempt Ulysses.


character love meme.  (Still taking requests if you wish.)

What Dawn Summers Loves Most About Four People for scrollgirl

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Tara Maclay for alixtii

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