October 9th, 2006


"This is the ride I'm on..."

I was talking to Mary Alice on Friday and yeah, we are like friends.  I was thus reminded that I really am surrounded by/keep finding a lot of good people -- HBS, CAUMC....  It's easy for me to be so cynical about humanity por lo general, and I do have exacting standards for people I wanna stay in close contact with, but it's also good to feel like the world is mostly populated with generally good people with whom I can get along.

[On a more down note, I'm so not into Ulysses, and the idea of having to actually have thoughts about any of this makes me feel woefully inadequate.  Part of me thinks this will be much better if I take a religion class next semester, and part of me worries that that won't be the case.]

I went to Little Shop by myself Friday night.  Definitely a good show.

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On Friday, Nicole invited me out dancing with them Saturday night for her roommate's birthday.  I agreed, though I wasn't feeling excited.  By the time I left my apartment on Saturday, though, I was actually looking forward to dancing.

Waiting for the train at Davis, there was a small group of definitely inebriated people waiting with me.  They were neither teenyboppers nor skeevy, though, which was a nice change of pace.

One of the women (there were two men and two women) was talking about how her face was red, like a fieldhand's, from having been outside in the cold, and somehow this got into making up the word "handfields," which prompted one of the guys to sing "turn turn turn ... handfields."

As we pulled into Harvard, I got up and one of them said, "We should get off here.  This is where she's getting off.  She looks like she's going somewhere fun."  They also complimented me on my "sparkly" shirt.  (I was wearing my dark blue glittery shirt.)  Such a positive experience (she says nonsarcastically).

I had closed my windows while working in my room 'cause it was cold (upper 50's), so knowing it would only get colder, I figured I'd bust out my long black coat.  Turns out, the only time I needed it was when we were standing outside the club after it closed.  Ah well.  I had forgotten how much I enjoy wearing it, so that was kinda nice.  (And I still can't help singing Dar to myself when I wear it.)

We went to middlesex in Central Square, and initially I thought I was gonna dance, but I was intimidated by Nicole and Laura (full of energy and enthusiasm and good at it) and then the music wasn't very good.  Cailin was tired and thus not up for dancing, so I sat with her and we talked (though I fear I was kind of a sucky conversationalist).  Later we did both get on the dance floor, though there kept being lame people on the dance floor (really bad at noticing that other people were around).  The club closed at 2 and I only really wasn't enjoying myself for that last hour.

At one point, Cailin said as a statement/question: "So there aren't a lot of boys at Smith"
I replied: "Bisexual, so kind of a moot point, but true."
Yay easy coming out.  She asked about my type, and I mostly don't have one, but I was thinking later that "striking" is largely it -- for women at least.

At another point in the conversation, she asked me about my ideal job.  I said: "Getting to read books and watch tv and movies and talk about them."
Cailin: "Have you considered getting a blog?"
I laughed and said I had one.  I was relieved that she didn't ask for the URL or anything.
Job suggestions included working as a reviewer and an editor.  Thing is, (1) I want conversation more than I want to make statements (2) I don't have the background in genre conventions or anything to be able to talk about stuff in relation to what it's drawing on etc.  [And also, having done my Little Shop writeups, I am reminded that I get so wrapped up in the little details that it's hard for me to make the broader more encompassing statements.]

I crashed at Nicole and Laura's (obviously).  After Laura changed into pj's she was sitting on the living room floor so I just moved off the couch to behind her and began rubbing her back.  Later, we watched an episode of Arrested Development episode (2.05 "Sad Sack").  I had never seen that show before but decided then that I couldn't be less interested in it if I tried.

Around 4am I was getting into bed (well, an aerobed) and I realized, "The T starts up again in an hour, and I'm actually not especially tired..." but I did stay.  I woke up around 9 and considered being like a bad one-night-stand and just quietly getting dressed and leaving, but instead I went back to sleep and when I woke up around 10:45 Laura was up, too.  I was pleasantly surprised at how not gross I felt and I went with them to brunch at Tremont 647.  Now, I tend to think that I walk places way more than most people I know, but even I double-taked at the idea of walking to the South End from Harvard.  It actually only took about an hour, though.  Mass. Ave. all the way.  (I had totally not known before that Smoot measurements get painted on.)

The food quality was good, but our food definitely didn't all come as ordered and our waiter wasn't especially attentive.  Cailin talked to the manager, so we got our food comped (only paid for drinks).  When he came over to apologize he asked if we were celebrating anything and Nicole said yes, Laura's birthday.  A short while later the waiter came over with three tiny cupcakes, one with a lighted candle in it.

Jonah called, had to cancel last-minute, but was very apologetic and offered to pay for his ticket.  I asked if anyone wanted to come with me, and explanation of what happened of course prompted opening up the etiquette question to those at the table who hadn't already heard the story.  Nicole's conclusion is that Eric "has no manners" -- though that's "not a dealbreaker."  I have a little bit of a cognitive dissonance that the same women who were much more upset about the etiquette-less cancelation than I was have also still not given up on the idea of an "us."  (I mean, I know that they all obviously know he's a good guy, so the judging dynamic is somewhat different than it would be in other contexts, but still.)

Cailin was going suit-shopping, so I decided it would be a good time for me to head home.  I got home c. 4:30 and took a quick shower.

trijinx was happy to come to Little Shop with me, though I foolishly hadn't realized the Sunday show started at 7pm (as opposed to Friday's 8pm show).  We got let in anyway, which I appreciated.

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Since "the night [was] still young," we walked back to Park St. and then had food+booze at Mike's in Davis Square.

I ended up on AIM for an hour and a half with Joe that night.  I really like catching up with people, though I feel like I've gotten so bad at conversation recently (something I suspect is tied to the easy conversation I have with Mary Alice and Eric every day -- that I get used to that environment and have gotten out of practice with like all other conversational environments).

Though apparently I'm gonna be omgsocial this week.  Have I mentioned recently how much I love living in the city?

(I'm not sure what happened this weekend, but our refrigerator is back to being v. empty.  We do now have pretty light switch covers, though.)

I expect work tomorrow to be even more slow than last week, with Prof.B. out of the country, so Monday night tv writeups will be set aside for then (allowing me to sleep now -- assuming of course I haven't completely thrown off my sleep schedule).