October 10th, 2006

light in the darkness

Voice Post [so bored I could cry]

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“ohmigod I'm so bored. The HBS Internet, file server, _everything_ is down. So this morning I have done my _Ulysses_ reading [ed. note: the reading for _next_ week!] and read an issue of _Forbes_ magazine and then we had lunch and now I'm like ready to _cry_ from boredom. And... that's really all I have to say; I just wanted to whine and.... Yeah. Hope you're having a better day after the long weekend than I am. Bye.”

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The Internet (and everything else) is back.

Though myHBS is reading as unavailable. But e-mail, calendar server, and outside Internet are all back. Which is really sufficient. Clearly Barbara fixed the Internet just by bringing Miguel in :)

Edit: 2:34 Katie sent me an e-mail, Subject: "for the sake of email..." containing text "I’m emailing you as opposed to walking down the hall/calling you simply because I can. Ohhh the internet."
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"Get up, get out, get away from these liars"

I know I didn't post/comment on LJ this afternoon, but I was seriously blissed out to have the Internet back, believe me.


I was awake for my entire Joyce class today, which is worth something.  I'm really not into it, though.

Our writing assignment for next week is to write briefly (<250 words) on the opening paragraph of Chapter 3 (in which we meet Mr Leopold Bloom for the first time).  I have done the reading (ch's 3&4) and have absolutely nothing to say.  Part of this is my usual failure at being an English major and part of this is that I have no investment in any of the characters in the novel.

We are also shocked (sarcasm) that the style is so not my thing.  The prof posited that without Ulysses there would be no Wasteland; I like "The Wasteland," so I this actually garners some sympathy from me.  However, the other "Without Joyce we likely wouldn't have..." (incl. Woolf, Nabokov, Faulkner) did not fill me with appreciation, 'cause this difficult stream-of-consciousness style has never been my cuppa.  (I wouldn't think to lump Nabokov in with that crew, but I wasn't a fan of Lolita, so I have no problem dismissing him along with the rest of them.)

Before we started Ulysses, the prof warned us that Blamires overstates the Christian connections.  Already in Portrait I had felt like the prof was dwelling on the autobiographical stuff way too much (and this isn't so much me being pomo as me just not caring); I continue to feel this way with his teaching of Ulysses, but in reading the Blamires I don't feel an excess of Christian connections in his commentary at all.  Of course, he could argue Christian connections for every single line of Ulysses and while I would recognize that as overkill I would nonetheless be loving it, because the Bible is one of those texts I love engaging with.

I worry about taking a class next semester since I'm feeling so academically inadequate, but I want to take a Religion course (am currently undecided as to the wisdom of taking two courses in a term) and hopefully I'll be more into/better at that.
I'll probably take World Religions or A Thematic Introduction to the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament)Reformation Europe is tempting 'cause Protestant Reformation = love, though it being on a Saturday is a damper.  And despite myself, there are appealing English department offerings -- Shakespeare and Modern Culture primarily.  I in no way hide the fact that I am an incurable dork.


in my head:

i fight with love
and i laugh with rage
you gotta live light enough
to see the humor
and long enough to see some change


Even underlining Nabokov
When I am not in love, in love


By the way, does anyone have ani's "fourth of july" on mp3?  The one I downloaded via a frankenmix is a live version I don't much like.