October 13th, 2006


killing time before five o'clock

CAUMC last night made me cranky. (Really glad we ended with Affirmations.)

The people [CAUMC] are good, but the Living the Questions writers were really bothering me -- their attitude and also their sloppy writing.

But I have joy.

Time with Ari was good. (Yeah five hours of sleep.)

New Haven is still on.

Everything should be fine in my absence on Monday.

I have a hair appointment at 11am tomorrow, same time as Nicole's roommate, and Nicole says the woman my appointment is with (Erin) is punkish and a photographer and just v. great. Then we're all going to lunch at "The Other Side" off Newbury St.

And really, how can my day not be awesome when it includes the line "I thought you might want to swallow in private"? I mean really, will that ever stop amusing me?

Anyway. Need to finish my Ulysses response tonight. Debating whether I feel like going to Eric&Trelawney's for game night. Meredith's sick and Michelle's packing for Japan, so I feel like it'll all be people I don't know (or like) that well. Yeah, sounds like I've made my decision, huh? Edit: Eek, Trelawney's dad's in the hospital, so it's canceled. /edit

Also need to register for Palmer's Chair Massage Workshop (first weekend in December). Gave Mary Alice a back/shoulder rub today. And, as discussed with CAUMC!Eric last night, looking into purchasing an external harddrive would probably be a good idea as well.

And finally, an e-mail from Alyssa:
Subject: priceless


watch the whole thing. seriously
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"everybody's in a hurry here in purgatory"

Okay, Ulysses assignment sent in.  Bed soon.  May check e-mail/LJ briefly before I leave in the morning, depending on when I pull myself out of bed.  Will return Tuesday morning.  Should be reachable by cell.
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