October 17th, 2006

step into the light

... return

The office has not collapsed in my absence. I have so many writeups to make. Haven't seen last night's Heroes yet (or last week's CSI even). Have skimmed the flist though not commented yet. Am grateful to see that sigrun is back.

Shift in tone: v. glad I have TBQ on my flist. Learned from her that Olwen (tenebraeli) committed suicide. I don't know how long Olwen and I were mutually friended, but it's been quite a while. There are a lot of times I half-expected this, but she seemed to be doing fairly well recently, so I was rocked to see TBQ's post. We've never been very close (so it's not something I'm going to mention it to work people, for example, since that gets so complicated with explaining LJ and all) but still.

This morning, one of the songs I had in my head was "Blessed Be Your Name" (thanks to this weekend). Which now feels both ironic and appropriate (Kaddish is a prayer of praise to God, for example). Collapse )

Oh, facebook.

Just got the following invitation e-mail:
Event: NHS Class of '01 Reunion
      "Why Not?!"
What: Reunion
Host: [Redacted]
When: Friday, November 24 at 7:00pm
Where: Lewis 2
Facebook page says:
$20 in advance or $25 at the door.... more details to follow...official invites in the mail!

Guests are allowed to bring friends to this event.
The location is easily walkable from my house (it's Thanksgiving weekend) and the option of bringing guests is tempting.  The prospect of explaining what the frell I'm currently doing with my life is a bit annoying, but Linda and I used to say we were all over the prospect of attending reunions to see what happened to everybody else.  So I think I'll be monitoring the attendees list ('cause if it's all the people from the Host's clique then of course I'm not going) for a while.