October 20th, 2006

crazy [lavellebelle]


That's what we talk about on Friday afternoon at my job apparently.  At least, this Friday.
Last week was slow, but this week has been, too.  Which is weird, because it's the middle of October.  Mostly I'm just waiting for shoes to start dropping re: NEG (the spring semester first-year required course) and Recruiting.

I got on the Red Line coming home with Rebecca C-T and Basta -- whom I've actually seen coming up the stairs at Davis a few times before this.  I was impressed that Basta recognized me.  (He actually saw me before Becca did.)

I miss having laundry in my building.  Lugging it around is a hassle, but it also means I'm limited by the hours the laundromat is open -- which is what has led to my not having done laundry in so long; I don't mind actually doing laundry at all.

It was raining lightly when I came home, but then as I was walking to the laundromat the heavens opened up.  Yeah, that was awesome.  [I love the rain, including being out in the rain, but that sentence was sarcastic.  Trying to maneuver an already over-heavy bag of laundry in a downpour was not enjoyable.]

I kept falling asleep but did read the first for the two assigned Ulysses chapters.  (Sleeping is totally going to take precedence over finishing the reading tonight, though.)

The rain had stopped when I came back (yay!) though it was also seriously colder.  (I suspected the air had finally dried out, as it had been feeling humid the past couple days.)  Windy, too.

According to weather.com it mostly was a temperature drop.  Collapse )

Fruit trifle seems so easy, and yet I seem to always manage to mess it up.  Though the beauty of fruit trifle is that it's all yummy stuff smooshed together so it's hard to make it taste bad, and you top it with whipped topping and some fruit and it looks fine.