October 22nd, 2006


Layna's half-birthday party.

Layna and I missed each other's most recent parties, and I hadn't been able to stay until the end of one of her parties since the time when she was living near Harvard and Lisa and a whole bunch of us slept over.  Living a fifteen-minute walk away now, I have no reason to leave early.  So I was one of the few who stayed until the very end -- c. 2:30am.  Layna's parties are always a lot of fun.  I'm not sure I remember past parties being quite so ridiculous.

One of the first things Sean said to me was something like, "I have no credibility."  (In relation to a conversation on fried green tomatoes -- which it turns out I think are unoffensive.)  This was his theme throughout the night.  His immortal line, however, was "I'm a little girly man."  He and Anthony had a fierce arm-wrestling match, though.

The game of choice this night was Boggle.  I was told to play so I could beat Sean.
We've owed each other a round of Apples to Apples ever since we had a heated disagreement the last time we both played together.  (Looking it up, wow, that was actually a year ago -- at her last half-birthday.)
"I remember you were very competitive," he said to me last night.
"I wasn't competitive, I was just right," I replied.

I liked Sean better at the last party of Layna's I was at.  Why do I still Like boys even when they're obnoxious?  I feel like this is less true of girls.  And yeah, Layna's party was totally reminding me that I Like boys.  Anthony is totally hotter than Sean, btw.

Near the end of the night Layna said to me: "I hope you and Sean fight at all of my parties henceforth.  It brings me joy."

Sean did say my fruit trifle was "awesome" and "kick-ass" -- the only nice thing/s he said to me all night, I think :)  Jessica (who is hot, dating a boy, lives in Framingham, and was part of a conversation re: dinner parties) when told the ingredients of said trifle said, "That's sex on a plate."

I could blame my failure at Boggle on drink (two glasses of white wine -- one Riesling and one Pinot Grigio -- and a small glass of raspberry dessert wine) but I think it's just yet another symptom of my Bad English Major-ness.  Catling pwned, though.

After a while, some of us not/no longer playing got bored and started playing Apples to Apples.

Jessica (an Apples to Apples virgin) won the first round (in which I was Nasty and Hostile) fairly handily.  Anthony swept the second round.  I had a fair streak of second-place-ness.

One round when I was the Judge it was some positive adjective card and after I'd picked, Anthony said he'd considered playing his "Prince Charming" card but "I didn't know if it would be applicable."
I said, "I play for both teams, but that one totally would not have gotten any points 'cause ew."

Other notes:

Layna's party was pie-themed.  Anthony brought Pi.  Hee.

Anthony: "Can I take the extra can of whipped cream home with me?"
Layna: "Yes you may.  But what are you going to use it for?  You're not dating anyone anymore."

Best exchange of the night was someone saying something about Mormons, immediately followed by one of the boys walking in and asking for shot glasses.

At one point I was in the kitchen and looked up and saw e.lerner, whom I had not at all expected to see because I didn't know she and Layna knew each other.  Turns out she is EEEEEEEEEEEElizabeth.

I gave back/shoulder rubs to Layna, Catling, and Jessica.

Catling used the phrase "made of awesome."

And Layna called me "Sunshine" a lot.


I got ~7 hours of sleep, finished my Joyce response paper, and did some errands.  So, before I head out to meet Jonah, do I catch up on my tv watching, or do I try to finish my New Haven weekend writeup?  I've been reading LJ but not commenting for much of this weekend, but I figure I can catch up on that at work tomorrow.
i walk a lonely road

"The sky won't fall forever."

You know, today was made of a lot more win earlier.


Walking home, I was talking to God, which I hadn't done in a while, because I like being in control and having knowledge and plans, so I tend to talk to myself a lot; but here I was in a situation where there wasn't really anything I could do until I got home, and while intellectually I may sometimes question the existence of God, in praxis I really never do -- and I fully admit that I have created God in my own image (in the sense that "my" God is the kind of God I want there to be) and that I believe in God because it makes my life a lot easier to believe that there is Someone Up There whom I can hand over my problems to, and to believe that there is some grand plan and that there is Someone who cares about us/me.

Anyway, I was saying a lot of this, and going over the bit about how I'm good at talking but not so much at listening and how I don't really know how to do that meditation thing and thinking about the CAUMC evening about devotionals, and it occurred to me: "Be still, and know that I am God."  Saying it and really thinking about it at the same time calmed me down immediately.  I was repeating it and realizing that it's one of those sentences that's really good for emphasizing a successive word each time you say it.  [Okay, maybe not the "that."]