October 23rd, 2006


"You make me feel like I am young again"

Turned out last night was my fault.  Hate when that happens.


My sniffles also turned into a definite cold last night.  (In the afternoon I'd been hoping it was just an aftereffect of staying up late consuming lots of sugar and wine, combined with cool temperatures.)  I went to bed around 10:30, which meant about 8 hours of sleep.

I had a toasted plan bagel w/ peanut butter for lunch, drank lots of water plus one thing of Lemon Lift tea w/ honey in the morning, and bought hot lunch -- broccoli&cheddar soup (w/ oyster crackers), vegetable samosas (Global Vegetarian was Indian), and a container of orange juice w/ calcium.

I think buying hot lunch may be my theme this week.  [Ooh, the soup options tomorrow include mushroom.]

I bought tofu yesterday, so tonight I tried out the Chinese Spice tofu w/ mushrooms for dinner.

I bought orange juice and boxes of tissues at the grocery on my way home.

And I'm washing my hands a lot and being esp. careful after I blow my nose.  [The whole spreading germs via touch thing.]


I watched tonight's Heroes and posted writeup, plus backlog.  Am still behind on viewing and writeups of all my other shows, though.  And not sure exactly when I'm gonna catch up.  Sigh.  Oh the woes of being busy.  [I do really hate this being-behind, playing-catch-up thing, though -- tv, LJ, etc.]
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