October 24th, 2006

not that innocent [purple_smurf]

"The church went down, and it didn't go gently"

Ways in which today was made of win:
+ I was significantly less sick today than I was yesterday.
+ I caught up on heroes_icons and picked out some new icons. [I love this icon but can't think of a keyword for it yet.] I still need a Ravenclaw icon, and a few other ones.
+ My illiterate fake boyfriend called me on his way into work. (This was ten minutes to one, but conveniently we were late lunching today.) "Hi, beautiful." Have I mentioned (recently) that the absolute way to win be is just to, y'know, think of me?
+ I met Nicole's mom (who lives in California but is visiting this week) -- who recalled that I was the one who sent Nicole flowers that day she was so miserable :) I had honestly completely forgotten about that. Definitely one of my shining moments, though.

I read marketsquare sometimes, and so tonight after class I'm wandering over to Memorial Church for one of the Noble Lectures with N. T. Wright. Tomorrow's actually interests me more than tonight's, but I figure I'll likely attend both. I can't remember where I recognize Wright's name from and am remembering that I think the last time I went to a religion lecture was Brueggemann. Ah, memories.