October 25th, 2006

professional me, self

Hump Day already?

Of all people, the art installation lady (who has met me maybe two or three times total, over a course of months) noticed my haircut.  She's the first person who didn't already know about it to comment on it.

One problem with buying hot food is that I'm at the mercy of the options.  Yesterday I got yummy mushroom soup but wasn't impressed by the grilled vegetable sandwich I got.  Today I got pasta (which I love, but I worried that a carb-heavy meal would be a bad idea, that I should have more nutrients, especially since I'm recovering from a cold -- I rationalized this with the fact that I was gonna have vegetable soup* for dinner; and I ended up getting whole wheat pasta with alfredo&pesto and mushrooms, broccoli, olives, and artichoke, so it was fine anyway); I saw they had sides of mashed potatoes, so I got some, 'cause how could I not, but they turned out to be seasoned with something I wasn't a fan of -- I wanna say garlic, but I've liked garlic mashed potatoes before.  Eric got some while I dithered and said he realized after he'd had them put gravy on that that meant I couldn't have any of his.  I thought it was sweet of him to have thought of it/me at all, albeit after the fact.  He said he's not used to having to think of vegetarians, that none of his friends are (even though some of said friends are whacko) though actually some of his family are (not the Italian side, the other side).
*Health Valley mushroom barley: kinda weak; hoping the other ones I bought are better

I somehow didn't have time to accomplish everything I wanted to the last couple hours at work, which frustrated me -- especially since the morning had been moderately slow.  New recruiting project.  And I've gotta suck it up and take care of the mounting pile of scanning.

Saw Erica in passing on my way to the N. T. Wright lecture.  Yay.

Bed now.