October 30th, 2006


cultural references for the win

FormerUnitHead [looking for someone]: "He's not sitting my in my office -- unless he's turned invisible."
me: "That would be a handy power to have."
FormerUnitHead: "For that you'd need an invisibility cloak."
me: [look of recognition]
FormerUnitHead: "There are a lot of images from Harry Potter that work so well in the real world. [anecdote about his law firm wife getting this awful memo from someone and one of her partners saying "Oh, you got a Howler from So-and-So."]"

[It's not raining; I just like this icon.]

Wow, leaving work and having it be that dark out was weird.

I walked to and from work today without a coat, which was lovely.  And I forgot that I had a lunch in the fridge from Friday's seminar, so that was a pleasant surprise.  (Bonus: housemate brought up recycling bin before I got home tonight.)

Other than lunch, I barely stopped going all day.  Finished my assigned segment of the lateral hiring chunk, processed lots of reimbursements, did other stuff, beat the copier into submission re: loading more staples, still haven't met with Prof.B.

I did not get tapped for the Recruiting Meeting but looked professional and pretty anyway.  (Black kinda pin-striped wraparound over teal camisole with cream colored pants and black boots -- and my favorite earrings.)

Successfully acquired at the grocery store tonight:
* bag o' spinach
* hot chocolate mix in canister
* cinnamon raisin bagels

To do tonight:
* study for Joyce exam (aka, review Portrait on SparkNotes and go over study questions)
* watch HIMYM (S1 rerun I haven't seen)
* watch Heroes
* oh, and, figure out what I want for dinner

I have so much I should get done this weekend, but I wanna go see Alfonso Cuarón's Solo; Love in the Time of Hysteria (Sólo con tu pareja, Mexico, 1991, 94 min.).  Saturday at 4:15pm.  I miss the days when I was going to MFA film like every night.  Ooh, shame I'm gonna miss Frozen Days (being in Northampton).
diablo robotico [saava]

Yeah, so not excited about studying.

I keep hearing about LJ's Halloween color theme (from both LJ and flisters) and it took me until tonight to realize this is something forced on Horizon, whereas I remain happily ensconced in Dystopia.  (See here if you have no idea what I'm talking about.)  I switched over just to check it out and really don't mind it (though Horizon itself still annoys me).  But whatever.
hermione by oatmilk

[I have also learned recently that adultery is literally a crime in Massachusetts. Wow Chapter 272.]

So, during Heroes tonight I caught part of a Vote No on #1 ad which mentioned how most grocery store cashiers are teenagers and if grocery stores sell liquor, they will be the ones under all this pressure to confirm that liquor-buying customers are in fact over 21.  I could see this being a problem when it first goes into effect and it's new and a big deal, but my suspicion is that it would stabilize.  I say this mostly because there are grocery stores that sell booze (like the place we went in Atlanta) and they seem to be fine.  Anyone have thoughts, especially people who are familiar with places where grocery stores do sell booze?  [I was about to say that my personal preference would probably be to remove the age restriction on the sale of both booze and tobacco, 'cause I have inherited my father's "less laws = better" tendency, and it occurred to me that one can buy cigarettes in any CVS, where the cashiers are almost all teens, and that seems to work out fairly well.  I know there are sting operations regarding selling cigarettes to minors, but given how many minors get people to buy booze -- and cigarettes -- for them, I'm not sure the consumption-by-minors of booze would increase much with grocery store sales.]  Erm, I still owe comment replies on the same-sex marriage post, but should really finish reviewing Portrait and wash my dishes before going to bed.


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