November 6th, 2006

hermione by oatmilk

Yeah, definitely bedtime.

And I'm definitely behind on commenting/replying.

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I've been thinking about Secret Slasha and the possibility of doing up a fannish wishlist as is the custom (I have v. specific ideas for icons I want, but fic less so -- 'cause I use icons like whoa but haven't had time to read fic in weeks) but my mom pointed out that there's also the issue of physical gift wishlist items for, well, my parents and my grandma (and possibly a few other relations).  Yay, more to add to my To Do List.

I have received positive feedback on my C.J/Tara fic and thus now feel okay in pimping it out.

"I saved one more autumn for you."

This morning I walked down the stairs at Davis and saw the singer/guitarist from Saturday. When I was there on Saturday there weren't very many people, so she was making eye contact with everybody (not quite flirtatious, though damn she's pretty). Still, I didn't expect her to remember/recognize me. I nodded in recognition and she said, "Fancy meeting you here." Awesome.

This weekend I regretted my decision to not buy a CD, but I liked the song she sang today ("Gone") less than I did the one I heard on Saturday ("One More Autumn") so I just gave her a dollar again.

"See you again soon," she said when I gave her money as my train came. "Yeah, if you're gonna be around," I said, smiling. She said she was.

Oh the temptation to ask a pretty girl out for coffee. Poking around her website, next Monday she's gonna be at "Grrl Rush" at All Asia Cafe (334 Massachusetts Ave. -- near Central Square).

This is apparently also on the QA list --
Every Monday at ALL ASIA BAR
334 Mass Ave in Cambridge
7:00pm / $5 cover / 19-plus

I'm listening to clips from cdbaby and I like "A Rainy Night" a lot. I'm not super-impressed by any of it, but it's enjoyable -- and I do remember that lots of singers I really like took some time to grow on me.

[Speaking of the QA list, do I wanna go to this tonight?]