November 13th, 2006


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Pie day what? I was totally remembering it as a half day on Wednesday, but we just got an e-mail from the Dean (tres cute, btw) saying 4-5pm on Tuesday. Rock on having a whole day off on Wednesday. Am still figuring out exactly what I'm doing over the break (and also have to plan Christmas break).

Speaking of breaks and plans, Smith was lovely. Writeup to follow. (I am beginning to think I will never be caught up on writeups 'cause I am forever madcrazybusy.)

Edit, 4:52pm: "Catching my errors is an important part of your job." -Prof.B. to me (approvingly)
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They were renovating the benches at Davis last week, so I hadn't seen Carrie [lack of performance space], but via internet stalking I knew she was performing at "Grrl Rush" at All Asia tonight.  I went, despite the name.

I'm compulsively early, plus I wanted to allow time for getting lost etc.  I actually went the correct direction from Central Square T Station first try.  Apparently one of the earlier acts had canceled, so they had her start early -- which she was less than thrilled by (esp. b/c they asked her to do a short set).

I'm a bad fangirl and despite having listened to cdbaby clips did not have any requests.  Someone else requested "Goodnight, Amelia," though, which once I heard I realized totally would have been one of my requests if I'd been thinking, 'cause that's the song I've been kind of obsessed with recently.  [And yes, she did ask me directly if I had any requests.  She is really good with faces, so she remembered me.]

She also played a new song I liked a lot ("I Do") and a cover of and Iron and Wine song ("Naked as We Came"; points for the choice of source, though admittedly I only know two of their songs).

Between errands and not being sure what I wanted to eat, I only had a light dinner, so halfway through my Zombie I could feel the alcohol really hitting my brain.  It didn't too visibly impair my motor ability, though (and was supah-yummy).

I chatted with her a bit afterward.  Apparently she works at BSC and thinks she knows OriginalRoomie.  I bought a CD and she didn't have sufficient change.  During our conversation, she saw the proprietor (or whomever) and asked if they'd taken cover charges, which they hadn't, so I should have said she could keep the extra $5 since I hadn't paid a cover charge for the show.  Clearly I'm just going to let her keep the extra change.

Club Passim (Veggie Planet) is doing a Leonard Cohen tribute Nov. 27 that she may or may not be performing at.  (Hey mom, according to their calendar, Bob Franke's performing there next Friday at 8pm.)