November 18th, 2006

like salt water

" take what you get, win or lose. And that's so much like forgiveness; I can't change you."

Last night and today I made good progress on my Ulysses response paper.

Today I also edited my CAUMC (unconditional) love post with additional thought from fandom.

This morning I dreamt that someone hooked me up with a girl.  Was somewhat bizarre but mmm, making out.

I went to biversity brunch with Layna at Johnny D's.  Must ask Nicole if she and Laura have done brunch there.  I got multigrain pancakes with banana compote (and a virgin mimosa).  One of the women was a '99 Smith grad :)

Layna was talking recently about how God is good and wants us to be happy (contra the anti-gay stance of some Christians).  Reflecting on this, I kept thinking about how it seems to me entirely consistent for God to say, "I know you want this thing, and you think it'll make you happy, but really I have better things in store for you, believe me."  Personally I think the spectrum of sexual orientation is a gift from God (and even more than that, that the Bible does not in fact condemn consensual mutual same-sex romantic/sexual relationships), but I think that people can with integrity believe that God wants us to be happy and also that certain things certain people want (in this case, non-heterosexual relationships) are not really good for them in the long-run.  I think I'm just particularly pinged by the "God wants us to be happy" tack because it seems so easy to use it to justify doing whatever one wants, molding God to our own comfort zone.

I went to Arlington Street Church (UU) for "The Greater Boston PFLAG chapter and the Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry present Homosexuality and the Bible. The forum seeks to re-examine the biblical evidence on same-sex relationships."

I just wasn't impressed.  The two speakers (Jeff Miner and John Tyler Connoley) presented passages they read as affirming gay people (rather than dealing with the "clobber passages," since there are a million books etc. dealing with those -- including their own -- and the affirming passages are less talked about. [I found myself a little annoyed at the phrasing "clobber passages," though.  I understand that that's how lots of queer people experience them, but it elides the fact that lots of people -- queer and no -- struggle with those passages.] )  I was really glad that during the Q&A someone suggested that they're oversexualizing emotional intimacy, that we're looking at stories like that of Ruth and Naomi and saying they have to have a romantic/sexual component to them.  I just also wasn't that convinced by some of their queer readings of Biblical stories.  Both men come from evangelical backgrounds and say they have great respect for the Bible (and I believe them) but hey, people of intelligence and integrity have been disagreeing about texts (religious and otherwise) since time immemorial.

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I went to the reception and had some food, but didn't stick around.  There were some women about my age, but the obvious conversation starter would be the talk, and I just wasn't feeling up for that.