November 22nd, 2006

crackomgbbq, dawn

I have much for which to be grateful.

I'm still working on the packets (comforted that even if I had worked through lunch yesterday I still wouldn't have finished in time), but the morning mail just came and I got a thank you note [part of what people do during pie day] and dude, a thank you from Eric. That seriously improved my mood. ::returns to packet-ing::
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am at the parents' house

'Cause clearly you're all keeping tabs on my whereabouts :)

I was gonna write up an entry about the nice things about today, but I think I'm just gonna catch up on the flist and head to bed. Short version is that I finished the packets by noon, took my half day, and have been at my parents' house since about dinnertime. (I plan to spend Friday here with friends and return to Somerville sometime Friday night.) Had hysterical conversations with the family (love them so much) and watched the NBC broadcast of Madonna's Confessions Tour ('cause my brother had insisted we watch Jeopardy and afterward we were channel-surfing -- though he cut out pretty early, so I just vegged with my mom).