November 25th, 2006

i do it for the joy it brings

"These are the fables of my street"

Wow, an unintended benefit of flist Affirmations was reciprocal Affirmation.  I honestly wasn't seeking that (though am certainly not turning them down, and I do really enjoy that part of CAUMC Affirmations).  Also, a remarkable number of people are up and on LJ at eleven o'clock at night the day after Thanksgiving.

Lovely comments from friends (including a darling dash of protectiveness) seriously improved my general mood.

I did a grocery shop last night, and seeing trays of nuts and fruit and etc. made me almost want to have a winter holiday party.

I went to Cambridgeside Galleria today, and the first half of the bus ride or so there kept being all these people who knew each other.  It was really nice to feel like I live in a place that has community.

I was nearing shopping burnout after about an hour, but I did get some clothes at Sears.  (So mom, if we don't get to Kohl's -- or don't find anything there -- I have a couple sweaters Grandma could give me for Christmas.)  I think everything I bought was on sale, except maybe the socks.

I seem to be having a girly phase.  It's tempting to blame Terry (I don't think I can blame hormones as I'm ending my period).  Plus I know I should get my hair cut soon, and I think that's partially triggered the thinking as well; like I'm seriously considering whether I wanna get my eyebrows done again.  (I actually bought a pair of tweezers to take care of the unibrow tendency, but it looks so clean when a professional does the whole thing -- even though I still distinctly remember thinking it looked too intense.)

In other news, I once bought a set of lizard temporary tattoos which I now can't find and, more problematically, cannot find any I like on the internets either.


I'm thinking about what I want to do in the holiday spirit of giving.
* I've already mentioned wanting to give to charities (despite my caveat that I would kinda rather give in the summer or something when charities tend to be more forgotten).  Does anyone have suggestions for literacy charities?  ::Googles::  I like the look of this one.  [additional info]
* I was thinking paid LJ time could be good for some people.
* I've offered fic writing before, and I think maybe I'll just make a real effort to finish some of my WIPs.  (I'd really like to participate in remixredux this time around, and it would be nice to give whomever gets me some real stuff to work with.)
* I'm on the 1-800-FLOWERS.COM e-list and thus keep feeling tempted to buy people flowers.


I was thinking about where to go to church this Sunday and dude, Advent starts soon, right?  What with us being a month away from Christmas.  Guess I'll be doing an ecumenical Advent (of sorts) again.  I think I'm gonna go to Clarendon Hill Presby this Sunday and then a couple of the Episcopal churches next, since I kind of like the high church stuff during Advent.

My family's definitely not gonna miss me this holiday season.  I was home for Thanksgiving, I'll be hope this coming weekend to help with the UCN church fair, I'll be home the following weekend for Singspiration, and then I get one weekend in Somerville before I'm home for Christmas.

QA says Good Vibrations is hosting a Best Lesbian Erotica 2007 reading next Sunday from 3-5pm.  I don't see it up on, but QA says it's free, so I'm definitely gonna check it out. does list for this coming Tuesday "Sex Secrets of Escorts."  Tragically, I'll be in Joyce class.