November 28th, 2006

big girl world

a joy sadhana type of post

Greg saw Happy Feet.  He said it's much more of a grownup movie than he was expecting, given that it's marketed to kids.  This of course makes me curious to see it (my family got the March of the Penguins DVD last... Christmas? and of course the trailer won my mother) and pondering whom would be good to see it with -- much like my fantasizing about dragging Eric or Terry to Shortbus.

Mike complimented me on the dark purple blouse I was wearing -- said that it was both a good color and one I wore well.

Katie got hired for real.  Official starting date: December 11.

Day was calmer than yesterday, though still busy.  And I ended up staying ten minutes late to finish up scheduling a meeting -- and in my haste I forgot to give the e-mail a Subject.  ::facepalm::  Ah well.  I'm actually sickly looking forward to one of tomorrow's tasks: hounding everyone for their availability to meet with a job candidate next Wednesday and constructing his schedule.

I was wrong; Harvard Square Au Bon Pain does have hot chocolate; it's just under the "Espresso Drinks" menu rather than the "Hot Drinks" menu.  So I had hot chocolate with my cinnamon roll and yogurt tonight.

Joyce class was on the "Circe" chapter, which is full of omgporn, so I had a lot of fun in class.  (I also enjoyed last week's class -- "Nausicaa" -- because the prof focused on connecting the chapter to other literary works -- my preferred approach -- rather than on auto/biography -- his preferred approach.)  Venus in Furs is mentioned in the chapter, so of course I thought of the Victorian porn class' syllabus.  [Addendum: Project Gutenberg for the win!]
I and the hot red-dyed-hair girl next to me agreed that Sade is a bad writer, and Tamar(?) said his short stories are good.  e. e. cummings' "she being Brand / -new" was also mentioned.

Fun also included the prof's Playboy story.  He was working in advertising, and there was an interview with Steve Jobs in Playboy that the company he worked for wanted everyone to read, but of course they didn't have copies on hand.  So first he tried to get his college-age son to buy it for him, but ultimately he sucked up his courage and bought it himself.  He was reading the article on BART, with the magazine carefully folded (there was an old woman sitting across from him) but then he got into the article and turned the page not really noticing and after a bit realized that the woman across from him was just gaping and and he turned the magazine over and it was the centerfold ("The top half -- not sure if that's better or worse than the bottom half.").

Bernadette Peters will be on my television in less than an hour (SVU of guest-starriness) and I probably should start on the week's Ulysses reading, but I think I'm going to catch up on LJ instead.

Law and Order: SVU 8.09 "Choreographed"

I like the Stabler/Benson dynamic.

Bernadette Peters looked old, which was a bit weird.  She was good at her role, though.

Especially at the beginning it would take me a couple seconds to register I was watching Bob Saget -- which is good, 'cause I often dislike being so aware of actors as actors that I can't really get into the role they're playing.

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