December 1st, 2006


good for minutes of fun, at least

Due to dinner delays, we didn't get to UCN until maybe 7:30. I chatted with Mike F., gave Bev a backrub [I really don't think I'm that awesome; I think people are just easy], and then went to work at the booktable (though I took a break when Tim came by, learned he and Carla are adopting a baby from China).

My mom had mentioned that sometimes people will complain about the books, and then my grandma feels bad, so I took out the V. C. Andrews (Celeste, April Shadows, and the first in the Wallflowers series: Misty) and also the Harlequin Temptation Single in the City book (because of the cover; Edit: And flipping it open, the excerpt pulled for the pre-page is totally soft-core porn.). I had forgotten that probably 80-90% of the adult book section is Nora Roberts, Danielle Steel, and assorted other romance novels. We also have Dorothy Sayers, P. G. Wodehouse, Agatha Christie, Dan Brown (Angels & Demons), and -- in the kids' section -- one of the Harry Potter books. Oh my conservative evol church :) I actually want someone to complain about Harry Potter being there so then I can argue that we shouldn't be selling romance novels, because I vehemently and honestly believe traditional romance novels are more damaging.

I also snagged The Seventeen Book of Answers to What Your Parents Don't Talk About and Your Best Friends Can't Tell You because it's copyright 1972 and the source of this post's Subject line (well, my reaction to it was this Subject line). I may actually keep this and give them money. It's not wildly entertaining, though certainly interesting. Of course I immediately looked for the sex/gay parts when I started flipping through it. The subcategory "Homosexuality" (under "Sex") has the following 4 questions:
* How should you feel about a homosexual?
* The man I love is a homosexual.
* Will I ever be normal?
* She must be a lesbian.

The first two do a decent job of saying we don't know what causes homosexuality and you should treat people with decency and respect period. The fourth one is fairly decent as well. The third one, though, is a fifteen and a half year old girl who sounds pretty gay to me, and I certainly believe that sexuality is (can be) fluid and that adolescence especially is a time of exploration, but their response included basically no validation of the possibility that she might really be a lesbian. I'm actually gonna type up this one. I'm sure you can imagine my mental commentary as you read. Collapse )


My parents don't have facebook, so tonight I showed them the link I'd posted on Monday. I also shared AIR DOES NOT LIKE YOU and America: Beware the penguin agenda.