December 2nd, 2006

hermione by oatmilk

Tomorrow is the first Sunday of Advent.

We got to the fair right around start time (9am).  I had distressed Carol by undoing her alphabetization, so I helped redo it.  Was uneventful.  I took first lunch (11:30) with my mom and grandma.  We sat with the son (John) of one of the church ladies (whose name I don't know), who was fun.  Before lunch, Bev had sat down behind our table and I was rubbing her back, and a friend of Carol's (Joanna) was shopping, and she said, "If I go behind the table, do I get a backrub?"  We chatted about massage therapy and I saw her when we were waiting to get lunch and gave her a brief backrub.  "Much better than lunch," she said.  When we got back from lunch, my mom said that I could probably leave since it was fairly quiet.  I started saying goodbye to people, but John P. showed up and chatted with me for a while.  He's been working at McArthur all week and will be back on Monday, so mayhap he'll actually stop by and see me.  (We've been talking about this for I don't know how long since he's often working at the b-school.)  I also talked with Elsa for a while.  It was about 2pm when I left.  I went to say goodbye to John P., Mike F., and whassisname, and John hugged me (for like the umpteenth time that afternoon) and said something like, "This is one of the great things about this church; lots of hugs."


So, from a couple recent posts, I guess there has been sockpuppet wank?  I talk way too much about everything to be a sockpuppet.  However, this did prompt me to check my mutual friends list to see how many could honestly vouch for my meatspace existence, for curiosity's sake.  I'd say it's a solid majority.  Lots of them I know from college, some from high school, some I met at WriterCon '06, some I met at a valley_slash meetup or at Oxford (though I'm not really in touch with either of those two sets), and others I've visited at school/home or vice versa.  Plus of course my immediate family.  [Of 93 mutual LJ friends, 31 -- exactly one third -- I haven't met in meatspace.]

via marginalia: This says I'm a D-list blogger.  Whatever.

via fox1013: NPH and Jason Segel sing "Confrontation" (Javert and Valjean) from Les Mis [during The Megan Mullally Show where the whole HIMYM cast was a guest]Made of awesome.  Note from repeated viewing: look at their nametags


My Secret Slasha assignment isn't what I had hoped for, but it's a challenge I don't mind.  Bit of a shame Secret Slasha doesn't do the Dear Writer letters.


It took me far too long to finish my letter to Joe F. in response to the columns I so disagreed with, but I had a nice reply from him in my mailbox today.  [I really like writing for being able to craft what I'm saying, but I miss the conveyance of tone that is in a lot of ways so much easier in meatspace.]  "None of your criticisms were things I haven't heard before, however, so be assured that you have plenty of company in disliking the columns; indeed, many in that category are personal friends of mine."  He quoted one of his early editors, something I had heard from him before but had forgotten: "If everybody likes you, you're not doing your job."  He also managed to pleasantly surprise me, though he also posited that "gay marriage is very much a matter of basic civics," which I agree with but take in a very different direction than he does.  Definitely drafting a response tonight.  He closed with, "Anyway, it was nice to hear from you.  I'm happy you care enough to read the papers and respond.  I wish more people did, especially young bright ones like you."  I miss discussion, argumentative or no :)