December 3rd, 2006

light in the darkness

The First Sunday of Advent: Hope

I went to the local UCC church this morning.  I wasn't impressed, though I had a good Coffee Hour experience.  Collapse )


I went to Handel's Messiah at Symphony Hall this afternoon.  I forgot how high second balcony is.  (I've been to Symphony Hall twice, both at ground level, and haven't been anywhere that has a second balcony in a while.)  I was on the righthandside which turned out to mean my view was of the violinists (as opposed to the cellists).  Yay.  (I love cellists, but having been a violinist, that's always the part that pings me.)

I don't like the repetition of sentence fragments, especially drawn out, so that it sounds more like sounds than words, so I didn't enjoy it as much as I had hoped to.  (I've also not been sleeping, so I definitely wasn't awake for all of it.)  Hallelujah Chorus, though...  Just before we got to it, there was a palpable shift in the audience, and I thought people were just kinda sitting to attention, but a dozen or so people literally stood up.  If I had done so, I would have been even more tempted to sing along.

Some of the passages I only recognized from that evening at Clarendon Hill Presby (e.g. Malachi 3:2-3) and others still didn't feel familiar, but the traditional Isaiah and Luke... really resonated, like involuntarily.  I have been enculturated.  Though I think that part of it is also that I so love the idea of this story: of light in the darkness on so many levels.  Collapse )


I kept having to retype bits of this because my computer kept freaking out, but snow is predicted for tonight into tomorrow, so life is good.

Edit: I would love the Hallelujah chorus on mp3, but I can at least sate myself with wiki's play-in-browser.