December 19th, 2006

big girl world

"I have to push the pram a lot."

Today I:
* got a whole lot of stuff finally squared away at work (or in place to be squared away tomorrow)
* got through a slew of stuff dumped on me ~3:00 in time to attend part of C.F.'s retirement party
* got a 9/10 on the "Ithaca" quiz
* read some fanfic (which I hadn't done in forever) -- CSI, BtVS, Firefly, X-Men, tWW [though I'm bad and haven't feedbacked any of them yet]
* watched some YouTube videos [catching up on old e-mails from my dad] -- Monty Python ["But then the African swallow's not migratory..." and "She turned me into a newt"] and "Istanbul (Not Constantinople" [Tiny Toons, and an original vid]
* signed up for LibraryThing (even though I don't know when I'll have time to actually input my personal collection)

Tonight I am:
* eating choco mint chip Turkey Hill ice cream
* catching up on the remainder of my taped television

Blissfully close to Break.  Prof.B. leaves town tomorrow night [he joked that being rid of him for a couple weeks would be my favorite Christmas present], so Thursday might actually contain some catchup work (e.g. Recruiting files), and I'm taking Friday off.  Tomorrow night I'm doing laundry, and Thursday night is CAUMC.