December 22nd, 2006

big girl world

my day off

I got up around 9:15 this morning and headed out around 10.  I was literally walking down North St. when FormerUnitHead called.  We agreed to meet at Davis Square later in the morning.  I did go in to the office anyway, though, 'cause I had two things to take care of.  (Andy yelled "You're not supposed to be here" when I walked past his office; yesterday we had a conversation about how I wasn't coming in today.)

FormerUnitHead and I agreed to meet at Diesel, and I saw him pulling into a parking space in front of the cafe at the same time as my phone rang.  I saw that it was him calling, so I almost didn't answer it.  I said hello and he said he was parking.  I said, "I know."  At this point I was standing next to his car (I had started walking out of the cafe as I answered the phone) and he looked up and saw me.

He said I'll be getting a gift certificate via e-mail today or tomorrow but he also bought me a physical present.  "You might already have this, but I hope you don't."  I'm being good and not opening it.  [I didn't open Prof.B.'s gift per se, but the stuff was v. loosely wrapped in tissue paper in a gift bag.]  It'll be my one guaranteed surprise gift.  [We do detailed wishlists -- which I love -- and some stuff I pick out myself in-store.]

I came home to a lovely card from sk8eeyore, complete with repayment for the theatre tickets from my visit -- which I had completely forgotten I was owed :)

Our kitchen floor has been really pissing me off, so I actually cleaned it a little this afternoon.  (I remain too lazy to do a real mop job.)

I finished catching up on my taped tv -- oh, damn, I meant to bring some of my DVDs home from work.  Oh well; I don't particularly anticipate time to watch much of anything over break anyway.

At some point this afternoon, my brother's coming to pick me up; I'll be back in Somerville some time on Tuesday... on the Internets sporadically while at home.