December 28th, 2006


"Then I saw a bird fly away, and I could not ask again. "

Having thought about how close I live to Mass Ave. when coming home with my brother on Tuesday, I decided to try the trek to Harvard Square since I had to go there to pick up the new Astonishing X-Men anyway.

Looking at GoogleMaps I decided to take Clarendon Ave. to Mass Ave., and that worked out well.  I didn't think to look at my watch (to time the trip) until I was about halfway down Clarendon, at which point I'd been walking for I would guess 5-10 minutes.  15-20 minutes later I was at Porter Square, and 15-20 minutes after that I was at Harvard -- well, a big sign for Harvard Law School anyway.  I'd forgotten that I'd be hitting Harvard from a direction I'm unfamiliar with.  So I decided to just keep going, knowing that if I kept on Mass Ave. I'd hit familiarity eventually (if nothing else because Nicole lives on Mass Ave.).  So I passed Harvard-Epworth Methodist Church, the giant building that is Littauer (so now I know where that is; FormerUnitHead is over there a lot), and then saw the Science Center which I know so I could orient myself and pass through main campus to the Square.

At The Million Year Picnic I couldn't resist a Mark Ryden Christmas card.  I also picked up chocolate on sale (post-Christmas) at CVS (I had stopped into pick up something I actually needed and then, sale...).

I took the T back.  It takes me about 40 minutes to get to work as I normally commute, so this isn't actually that much longer -- except that I'm commuting to the b-school, which is an additional ~10 minute walk from the Square.  So yeah, not gonna be giving up my T-Pass anytime soon.  But it's good to feel more confident in my ability to walk between the two places.

[It occurs to me that an actual Subject line would be something like "I walked 3 miles for AXM #19" but no, we quote lyrics etc., making it incredibly hard to find anything by Calendar:Subjects.  What really drives me crazy is when people Memory posts with those same unhelpful post titles; hi, people, you can give it a different title in Memories.  At least I'm likely to remember what I tagged it.]

Do we notice how I haven't touched my Joyce since the Break began?  ::is bad::


Among the Year in Review memes going around is a top ten fannish moments of 2006 (from the source text).  I don't so much have source text moments; I have fandom/community. Seriously, ask me for top fannish "moments" of the year, and the list goes something like this:

1. WriterCon
2. froplay
3. the whedonesque/Joss Whedon/likeadeuce thing
4. getting into new fandoms (How I Met Your Mother, Astonishing X-Men, Heroes, The West Wing)
5. mainlining CSI with Cat
6. Eric
7. my boss getting me the Serenity: Left Behind graphic novel
8. Yuletide