December 29th, 2006

hermione by oatmilk

"Reach out and touch faith -- Your own personal Jesus..." [Depeche Mode]

Somebody tall should come visit me so my bedroom light can be replaced.  Standing on a chair I'm still too short to reach the fixture.

My Joyce paper sucks like a cheap whore.  (And more importantly is so not finished.  Yeah, I'm stopping with the sex metaphors here.)  The fact that the grade doesn't "really" count of course helps, though I've never been good at working on stuff I didn't care about.  We can tell I'm feeling supermotivated 'cause I watched a CSI: Miami rerun I had already seen (though in my defense I couldn't actually remember how it turned out).  I don't not enjoy watching the show, but my main takeaways tonight were that I have difficulty calling it a good show and that I do really like Emily Proctor.

My mom asked me to do a creative writing workshop for the Girls Program, MLK Day.  Whee, inferiority complex plus children scare me, combined with that overachiever aspect which makes me of course want to do it.  ::sighs::

In other news: Eric's definitively not having a NYE party -- is either visiting friends in RI or chilling at home.  Whatevs.  (And speaking of people I'm not dating, I have decided that Portuguese is a weird language.)

And to wrap it up, an AIM Conversation from last night:
diadeloro: i saw a book today that was physics in buffy
diadeloro: like the philosophy books, but science instead
hermionesviolin: Really?  I don't think I've seen that one.  I'm intrigued.
diadeloro: it was at barnes & noble - it looked cool
diadeloro: it basically explains physics principles using examples from buffy
hermionesviolin: That is super-cool.  I should tell my dad to get it for his physics classes -- except that most of them probably wouldn't get the reference and that would make me sad.
diadeloro: awww
diadeloro: there are pictures
diadeloro: like a diagram of amy turning buffy into a rat, complete with her speaking a physics theorem - i was amused
hermionesviolin: ::giggles::
hermionesviolin: Who knew you could turn someone into a rat with a mere physics theorem?
diadeloro: i know. seriously, eh?

(LJ-ify your IMs before pasting!)

I think the book in question is The Physics of the Buffyverse by Jennifer Ouellette.  (The "Buy With" book -- Black Bodies and Quantum Cats: Tales from the Annals of Physics -- is one I remember seeing at South Station.)