January 6th, 2007

face up (and sing)

" 'I wish you liked this city.' / She said, 'Maybe I do.' "

I went to bed shortly after posting last night.  Bliss.  (Oh, and I was this close to opening a window when I went to bed.  Ridonculous.  // 67F at 3:45pm today!  I love spring as much as the next person, but it's January; I would like some winter before my spring.)

I hung out with Jonah for like six hours today.  We had lunch at the Blue Shirt Café.  It says "Gourmet wraps and juice bar," but it's really not excessively pricey.  I got a California Dreamin' sandwich and wasn't thrilled with whatever flavorings they had used in grilling the tofu, though it wasn't bad; I quite liked the (Red, White, Blue) smoothie I got.

Because it was crazy pleasant weather we went for a walk afterward -- just started down Elm Street and kept going.  We ended up in Union Square, walked to Harvard, and then took Mass Ave. back (turning on to Dover St. at Cafe Barada).

On the way back to my apartment we were talking about Ani lyrics (specifically as applicable to relationships in our lives) and I mentioned some Dar ones also, so I ended up playing him selections from her Mortal City album -- "As Cool As I Am," "The Pointless, Yet Poignant, Crisis of a Co-Ed," "Southern California Wants To Be Western New York."

He saw my computer desktop [second image], so then I showed him the most recent page or so of caladan_dd.  I must have been filtering her off my friendspage due to busyness, 'cause a bunch of the images were new to me; must go back and leave feedback.

We also talked about tv and he said he was recommending Six Feet Under to someone, talking about raw the characters are, and this person mentioned Sorkin, and I was really weirded out by this.  I think of the West Wing characters as "real," but "raw" wouldn't be a word that comes to mind -- not just because the show is about so much besides the characters' personal lives, but also because so many of them are rather tight-lipped when it comes to emotions, though in thinking of "raw" moments, some Josh and Leo moments came to mind ("Bartlet for America," "Noel," "The Short List"), the more powerful for their characters' reticence in speaking about emotional matters.  (Abbey and Jed also came to mind for "raw," particularly their fights.  Thinking about other possibilities gets me wondering about how one defines the difference between "raw" versus "real.")  [We're up to 3.11 at work, so no spoilers beyond that in comments, please.]


Tomorrow's Sunday, so I've gotta decide where I'm going to church (assuming I haul myself out of bed).  I think I should do a month or something in one place, am thinking Clarendon Hill and then the UCC.

This leads to thoughts of other planning issues:

* muskratjamboree: "A casual, multi-fandom, slash-oriented fan gathering. March 30th and 31st, 2007 [...] the Holiday Inn Boston/Somerville, located near Sullivan Square"
Nevermind; it's reached its 100 attendee cap, so that solves my dilemma.

* Boston Wine Expo: Feb. 10-11
I definitely want to go to this but would love company.

* remixredux
I want to do this but also worry about having the creative energy for it.

* Edit: Girls Program (a week from Monday)
Note to self: prep for this
[I'm leading a creative writing workshop for pre-teen girls.  If anyone has any suggestions, please share.]