January 9th, 2007

crazy [lavellebelle]

Gah, crazymaking day.

In goodcrazy news, though, my worst-paper-ever-no-seriously earned me a B.

Tomorrow after work I am walking over to Shad and joining the HBS gym.  'Cause endorphins=yay and exercise is better than sex, right?  ::snogs Tania::  (P.S. nikitangel, one of then women I work with is thinking about taking up boxing.  I thought of you, of course.)

In other news, on my way to work this morning I noticed CVS had a VDay display up and pondered having a not!Valentine's Day party -- I'm not that opposed to Valentine's Day nor particularly bitter about not having a significant other, but I have yet to manage that monthly dinner party thing I had been wanting to do after my apartment-warming (and throwing a party was on my mind since last night my brother asked me what I did for New Year's).  This would also be a perfect opportunity to try out Vampire wine.  I know lots of you are ineligible for participation due to your physical distance, but feel free to chime in with thoughts anyway.