January 14th, 2007


"Is it from IKEA?"

I was not at my conversational best today, but I did enjoy spending the day with mosca and fox1013.  The weather was not conducive to wandering around, so we spent our time in one eatery or another, which was fine.

mosca said she thinks of wisdomeagle and me as partners-in-crime.  :)  We are for the win!  I swear I remember someone asking me at WriterCon if we were dating.

I also got mosca compliments on one of my Fireworks WaT fics and the fic I wrote for femslash05.

Yes, I'm self-centered and those are my highlights from the day.

And now I'm tired, despite having slept in this morning.  And I'm still not entirely sure how I'm gonna do my workshop tomorrow.

I'm hoping that tomorrow after the Girls Program I'll be able to catch up on LJ (friendspage, comments, writeups, possibly some friendings).