January 15th, 2007

tell me a story [lizzieb]

"So, you've never played soccer before...."

Well, I survived my first ever attempt to lead a writing workshop.

Most of the girls had been stuck in my workshop because their preferred choice was full, but most of them actually wrote a lot during the freewrite.  90 minutes is a long time to keep a dozen 11-14 year olds engaged, though.  Combined with the fact that I only had a vague idea of what I was doing.  So the second half of the session was basically them having fun and not really stretching themselves.  (And there were a couple of "teachable moments" I let go by.)  I did think of some of you because we did a round robin type thing and zombies entered in fairly early.

I think I learned A LOT about doing a writing workshop (particularly for this age group), so that's good.


There were two workshop timeslots and mine was in the first one, so I was hanging out in the lobby filling out my facilitator eval and a latecomer arrived, so I took her upstairs to her workshop.  I passed Kevin's office (VP of the Baker; I've met him a few times before) and it was open, so I stopped by on my way back and ended up talking with him for 30+ minutes.  I had previously told my mom I'd help set up for the luncheon, so when I finally showed up, saying "I was talking to Kevin; it's not my fault," my mom called Kevin a "problem child."

While I was talking with Kevin, he had asked what I was doing to help out here, and I said I had done a workshop.  He huffed that my mother hadn't asked him to do a workshop.  I pointed out that it's a girls program.  This of course begs the question of, "So?"  (Kevin's gay.)  He said he could give a workshop on "communicating with boys."  I said I would pay, perhaps not all but definitely part of what a workshop facilitator gets, to watch that.

I did help at the actual luncheon.  I got better at serving Caesar Salad as time went on (clearly a resumé booster) though I definitely think the food item itself is a waste of time: solid water (lettuce) and stale bread (crutons), plus some cheese powder.


When we were finally wrapping up, Susan drove me to Brookline Village (made more sense than my waiting outside for the 66).  WBUR played an excerpt of MLK's "I've Been to the Mountaintop" speech.  Note to self: Read the full thing.


Brookline Village is one of the places that has MBTA workers standing about so you tap your CharlieCard and board the train when it comes without having to wait in line.  Said worker chatted me up a bit, and it probably would have gotten to an exchanging-phone-numbers place except that a train came.

At Park Street I realized I didn't have my house key.  (The keychain fell off its keyring a few days ago, and I hadn't gotten around to fighting it back on, so of course my key is now was then eminently loseable.)  So I went back to Brookline Village.  No luck finding my key, but MBTA worker was clearly still interested; though I was actually the one who had to press for, "So, exchanging phone numbers?"  This is possibly because he wanted me to stick around.  (The first time I was there he said, "You know what's worse than waiting ten minutes in the rain for a train to come?"  Punchline: "Waiting eight hours in the rain to go home.")  The one previous time I have given my phone number to a guy he never called me, but both times I haven't been particularly pinged, so I'm neither opposed to him calling nor distressed by the possibility that he won't.  (I also don't wanna use my usual tag for this 'cause those are all random kinda sketch encounters, and this feels not at all sketch to me.  Edit: I decided to tag it as such anyway, in part because I don't know what else to tag it, and in part because looking back at what I'd used this tag on I was reminded that my most recent use of the tag is of an incident in between sketch and norm, so it seems fitting. /edit)

I found Healthworks (Porter Square) and OriginalRoomie (who works there).  She told me when she expected to be home, so I would keep my ears open for the doorbell and if I didn't hear it she would come up the backstairs and bang on the backdoor like the crazy lady from craigslist :)  I did in fact hear the doorbell, so I am now in possession of her spare and will get a copy made tomorrow.  Note to self: Keep eyes open for a new keychain.


Last night, the weather teasers were all "Winter Weather Advisory," so this morning I wore a coat and boots with traction and everything.  There was some rain and that was it. Probably about as cold as yesterday.