January 18th, 2007

hermione by oatmilk

"The focus will be on the political and social history of the Roman church..."

My Medieval Church history class has a website now. So I now have a syllabus. And am of course now filled with paranoia that I am going to hate the class. (The paranoia isn't particularly linked to the syllabus, is just me.)

::goes off to purchase books:: Hmm, do I want to buy a hardcopy of Augustine's Confessions rather than reading selections online? (Though dude, the link that's given? Serious points for including links to full-text for all the quotations.)
Daughter of Eve

[CAUMC] LtQ 4.2 "restoring relationships" [2007-01-18]

Hee, I stayed until about 5:30 today (Mary Alice will talk anyone's ear off) so I got in to Davis about 6. Who was coming up the stairs from the train right when I was? CAUMC!Eric. He had an eye appointment in the Au Bon Pain complex next to the Holland St. exit.

Having done the handout a couple weeks ago, we did the video tonight. Collapse )