January 20th, 2007

tired - crazy

"yeh-teh" (Tibetan) means "a little animal that resembles a human." [Word Origin calendar on "Yeti"]

So, Friday began with me banging my head against the wall (figuratively speaking). The Metro asked its readers whether Isaiah Washington should make a public apology [amusingly, this overlapped with IW actually making a public apology -- see ETA to fox1013's post], and the consensus was yes, with agreement that his actions were hateful. But one said: Collapse )

[I really need a tag for this. fox1013's "the dangers of going out at knight" is possibly for the win.]


There was a little snow falling Friday morning (shortly after I got in to work -- like, 9:15). I was annoyed that it had waited until I was already in the building.

Eric, on why he wasn't here the previous day: "I had a migraine the size of my left nipple -- or, wait, that wouldn't be very big, would it?"

We had lunch at the restaurant formerly known as Pho Pasteur (it even says so on their menus) for belated Eric's birthday.

I feel like I am totally over the crush thing, and yet as soon as he mentioned the street address of his new apartment I immediately went into stalker!glee! mode.

I felt so much better after lunch than I had before, and was thinking of my similar experience after CAUMC the previous night and wondering if I was turning into an extrovert -- i.e., someone who recharges their batteries by interacting with other people. I decided that no, it's just that being around people I like makes me feel happy and fulfilled in ways that my job often doesn't.

Despite good intentions, I was not motivated to do work on Friday. I did get what needed to be done done, though.

Ari was For The Win! Context is the following meme:
Reply to this post, and I will tell you my favorite icon of yours.Then post this to your own journal using your own favorite icon.
[[ I'm gonna say that "taken out of context" is my favorite of my own icons. 1. Ani, 2. Dawn, 3. so very me, 4. made it myself, 4a. am so very pleased with how it came out ]] I also did:
Comment here using the icon you think best represents me, reminds you of me, and I'll reply back with the one I feel is best suited to you. This is a fun (and possibly heartbreaking) way to see what your flist really thinks of you, and to snag new icons, as well.
over on offbalance's journal the other day.


LJ is planning an LJ-specific search engine. They say they will respect privacy settings and you can opt out. I say it's about damn time they finally started doing this. I think its primary usefulness is to search one's own journal, honestly, and I adore the onset of that capability. Secondarily, I'm a big fan of being able to supplement people's often not very good use of tags/Memories.


Singspiration: Collapse )


I visited the library today. The flag out front was at half-mast. What up? Emily mentioned the same thing about HBS earlier this week. Is there a prolonged mourning period for dead presidents or something?

Yet another person has brought up the possibility of my continuing massage. Should I go back to Palmer? Getting sufficient practice hours is mad hard (though I suppose I could poll the HBS and CAUMC contingents). I am also considering taking my table back and relearning my Massage I book. This would require partitions of some sort for my living room. Anyone have any thoughts on where one could purchase fairly cheap ones? Also feel free to weigh in on the whole return-to-amateur-massage-practice issue.

And it continues to be cold. And I continue to be excited about this.
weather.com (Somerville), 4:25pm: 24°F Feels Like 7°F / Wind: From NW at 26 mph gusting to 35 mph

I went outside at one point tonight (was doing laundry and grocery shopping) and locked the door and then dropped my key. I rang the doorbell and NewRoomie let me back in. Yeah, I am very glad I got two copies of OrginalRoomie's spare made for myself. She turned the porch light on and I still did not see it. Will look tomorrow when it is light out. I seriously need to get a keychain.