January 28th, 2007

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Oryx and Crake (Margaret Atwood, 2003) [2007-01-20?]

I read The Handmaid's Tale when I was possibly pre-adolescent and recurrently have ideas about rereading it now that I'm older. It's such a long book, though, that I haven't felt particularly inspired.

From time to time, I've picked up books by Margaret Atwood, but the cover blurbs have never grabbed me. Jonah's a huge fan, though, so recently I've been feeling like I really should read something by her. Oryx and Crake actually sounded interesting, so I picked up a copy from the library.

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Wilderness Tips (Margaret Atwood, 1991?) [2007-01-20?]

I think it was near the end of Oryx and Crake that I first started thinking of Joyce Carol Oates, but that feeling just got stronger as I progressed through this short story collection -- especially starting with the end of "Uncles."

[I'm not trying to argue that Atwood is derivative, it just wasn't quite what I was expecting after having read Oryx and Crake.]
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"this song can never be long enough, to express every longing" [ani, "wish i may"]

Friday: winter

MaryAlice went to go outside at one point (10:30 maybe?) and with her hooded coat and her scarf you could barely see her face.  I laughed, as I couldn't quite bring myself to wear gloves that morning.

I went over to Morgan (a building next door to mine) mid-afternoon in just my sweater, loving it.

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I was lazy and slept through church, but I left my house around 2:15 to go to the Boston Women Play Pool Club Social and lo, there was snow on the ground.  Heart.

I got there and wasn't really clear where this group was and was thinking about how I'm a terrible pool player and my hair is lame and how last night had reminded me how bad I am at talking to people I don't know and yeah, I turned around and left.


This did mean I could go to Cambridge Welcoming Ministries (worship services are at CAUMC; yes I enjoy the irony -- since CAUMC is in Somerville).  Collapse )

During the book discussion one of the guys (David?) mentioned At Swim, Two Boys and I perked up, not so much because I have particular love for that book, but because I've read it -- and because he had mentioned it in the context of "Queer Book Worms is reading that this month," and of course that concept piqued my interest.  He talked to me afterward and apparently they meet at Arlington St. Church [the UU church where I went to that talk] basement the first Thursday of each month at 7:30.  This of course conflicts with CAUMC small group, so I am dilemma-izing.

Word Origin Calendar: January 27/28, 2007

FLASHLIGHT - Invented in the 1890s, the device called the "portable electric light" relied on batteries whose charge lasted only a few seconds, meaning that it had to be used to illuminate something that absolutely needed to be seen in that instant---in a flash, in other words.  Batteries were much improved in only a few years, but the moniker "flashlight" stuck in America, while many other English-speaking countries call the device a "torch."