January 29th, 2007

big girl world

"And I see myself / Turn into something else / Turn into someone else / For a while"

Hi, Allie, I have turned into That Girl who defends comic books.

My mommy's birthday was this past Saturday.  She is made of goddess-and-saint.

I went in to Greg's office this morning to ask him something and he said, "I don't have any chocolate" [referring to the bowl he keeps on his desk, usually containing M&M's or something like].  "I see you, and I think of chocolate," he explained.  I endorse that association :)

I have been bored in/with my job recently [and also annoyed that I haven't had the time/energy for LJ engagement -- as someone who's such a giver, being absent is frustrating].  It's not like I had a particularly productive day at work today, but I seem to be in a better headspace.  So that's good.

remixredux 2007 opened today.  I'm gonna abstain 'cause I've had printouts of 3 fics of mine of various degrees of almost-done sitting around for probably a week now and was consciously aware this weekend that I had no desire to revisit them, so signing up for any fic-writing project seems a bad idea.

However, I spent a small part of this afternoon looking for C.J./Simon fic (hi, we just finished S3 today) and thinking again about writing West Wing fic.  [And browsing through crack_van, which is predominantly Josh/Sam (and CJ/Toby and Josh/Donna), I find myself struck by the fact that I should be all about Sam fic -- if not Toby fic -- since they are people who love/live words, but I am not in love with either character.  And honestly, for all that I coming to love the show/characters, I'm not in love with any of them like I think of myself as being with the Jossverse.  And yet, I start running through characters and have love for -- and interest in fic for -- so many of them.  Okay, there will be another post about this later this week.]

viciouswishes tweaked her website, so I rejiggered my recs page.  I also wanna do more tagging work on wisdomeagle :)

Cailin asked if I'd had any cute dates recently.  I laughed and said no.  "Why are people so difficult?" she said, and initially I got defensive, but before I actually said anything I realized she wasn't referring to me.  She said her friends are all good people and cute, and I was reminded of offbalance's rant today.

I was gonna send out an invite for a notVDay party, but I was talking to Alyssa and Nicole earlier today and they were talking about maybe just going out to a bar with friends and that is so not my cuppa (plus so contrary to the spirit of ignoring the day) and then Nicole remembered that Laura and El had been talking about going out for a fancy dinner (in anticipation of not having dates) so she needed to confirm whether she was doing that with them, and especially after Friday I feel like if I have a party like this no one's gonna come (not 'cause they don't love me, just for a variety of factors) so should I just not bother?


I had my first session of Medieval Church today.  The prof also teaches a Medieval Warfare (Crusades) extension class and recognized about a dozen students (dude, there were probably over 40 of us), quipped "I'm glad to see recidivists."

I am gonna be the most churched person I know this semester (except for the div students) -- CAUMC small group and Bible study, Cambridge Welcoming worship [Jesus Christ Superstar sermon-music series for Lent!] and study, Medieval Church class, and I'm aiming to attend Clarendon Hill Presby on Sunday mornings for a couple months (plus Singspiration every 6 weeks, but that almost doesn't count -- similarly, Feb. 25 Gospel Concert with my mom).

[Grad credit students get more freedom in choosing topics for the required essays, and I heard someone mention Celtic Christianity to the prof and thought of glacierscout given my last entry.]

The prof mentioned "Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?" I of course immediately flashed to Black Adder, and I must have been aware at the time [that I first saw the episode] that it was playing on something historically real (because that's what all the Black Adder series did) but I don't know if I actually recognized what it was [Thomas à Becket].


Okay, my phone sometimes gives me voicemail on a time delay, but this is ridiculous.  The Friday before last I'd accidentally had my phone on Silent.  At the end of the day I pulled it out (planning to call someone) and saw it said Missed Call.  I called the person back, and it's possible that in flipping the phone open and closed I just missed it saying Voicemail later, but given that if I have a new voicemail and I listen to it and then just hang up the phone without pressing any of the buttons to acknowledge to the service that I've heard the message it beeps at me and tells me I have a new voicemail, I would think it could be better at alerting me that I have a real new voicemail -- at work today my phone was beeping low battery, so I turned it off, and when I turned it back on on my way home it beeped new Voicemail and told me I had 2 (the one from two Fridays ago and one from today).