February 2nd, 2007


"but love is a trackless domain and the rumor of rain in the late afternoon"

Word Origin Calendar: February 1

February This month of midwinter takes its name from the Latin februa, which refers to ritual cleansing. Normally the coldest month of the year in southern Europe, the time was ripe for illness---whence the related word "fever"---that required prayer and magic if it was to be driven away.
We've had such a mild winter that I was so thrown to read, "Spring is at last entering the world [...] It feels wonderful to see it coming," on my flist yesterday.

Remarking on Punxsutawney Phil this year, Gillian said: Thus, we can "reasonably" expect an early Spring...to go with the Spring already in progress, the one that used to be called Winter.

Earlier this week, I was thinking how six weeks from February 2 is still before the vernal equinox, so I don't see how "six more weeks of winter" is such a death knell.  I fully admit that I love the winter weather, but it just doesn't seem right for spring to come before mid-March (and warm weather shouldn't start in earnest before April).

When I was walking home around six-something tonight, I think there were flakes of snow falling (it was hard to tell 'cause there were very few and I couldn't do the clothing test 'cause I was just wearing a pale sweater).  When I went out again about an hour later, it felt like mist, and it was warm enough that the ground was just wet.  Now it definitely sounds (and looks) like rain.  According to the ten-day forecast, after these past couple days of highs near 40F we aren't even gonna get as high as freezing for days, so I'm a bit concerned (and annoyed that I'm not getting snow).
Word Origin Calendar: February 2

Mundane In a sad case of demotion, mundane once meant something like "found the world over," from the Latin mundus, "world." Something found the world over can be glorified as universal or derided as common
That's so intuitive now that someone tells me, but I'd never thought of it before.

I have a bunch of anecdotes from work from the past couple days, but I can probably sum up as: "FormerUnitHead?  Still my favorite"; also, the recruiting decision meeting was this afternoon, and I called Spain.


Joss' post on Whedonesque about how he is no longer doing the Wonder Woman movie (because the P.S. is made of awesome).

And while I'm linking, fox1013 posted:
I decided to go ahead and set up the LJ comm for reading books out loud to each other.

Though unfortunately, phoneposting has been on the fritz.  [They did set up a toll-free number for paid users.]