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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Sunday, February 4th, 2007

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The Goodnight Circle by Carolyn Lesser
This is part one, because LJ cut me off at 5:11(!) the first time, so I rerecorded, stopping at a good stopping point.

741K 3:36
(no transcription available)

Current Mood: not enunciating sufficiently
What color are my eyes?
I'm used to thinking of myself as having hazel (by which I mean a variant of brown) eyes, but I had an irritant in one eye just now, and in looking in the mirror I was noticing how much green there is.  Mostly around the edge, so it's not like they're green green, but still weird.  Looking again, they're basically yellowish [in that way that human eyes are, nothing out of sci-fi or anything] with a little bit of green (mostly around the edge, as I said), which I guess is right, I'm just used to thinking of myself as having brown(er) eyes.

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Edit at 11:36pm: Other weirdness... I'm not sure why/how I'm on ThePopcornFactory.com e-mail list, but I was just informed of who won the SuperBowl via the Subject line of an e-mail from them.

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