February 7th, 2007

older Cordelia

opples & bononos

A bunch of people (or possibly just Nicki repeatedly) thanked me for "putting all this together" re: last night's happy hour.  I really didn't do much at all, but okay.  We're thinking maybe early March for the next one.

What do I self-Affirm at CAUMC tomorrow?


So, when Ari visited, we were talking about RPF, and I said I didn't even know what Jossverse rpf would look like other than her and karabair's oeuvres [poking now for links, karabair's is all locked?!] and she gently pointed out to me: DB, JM, VK -- which, yeah, I am so totally aware of [this is not my sarcastic voice], it's just so much not actually on my brain.  Ah the subsets of fandom we create/inhabit.

Anyway, I mentioned that I'd seen this entry ages back and it totally made me want Morena/Jewel, but I never went anywhere with it.  Afterward I went back to the entry (which I hadn't looked at in ages) and the contents are from the Done the Impossible DVD, so I bought a copy.  It arrived today!  Most of my medieval church class books, which I ordered slightly more than two weeks ago, have not arrived yet.

(I also got my check from the workshop I did for my mom's work.  Whee.  Should probably do my taxes this weekend.)