February 8th, 2007


Also, the 2007 multi-fandom incest fic challenge has been rescheduled for February 24.

From sigrun: A Friend of the Family: A Multi-fandom Incest Friending Meme


I can't resist weighing in on The Thing from the most recent episode of Heroes but would rather not comment on everyone's posts, so I'm just making my own post about it, which you are under no obligation to read. Collapse )


In other news: Parade Magazine photoshoot of Hayden Panettiere (Claire on Heroes) (via rogueslayer452)

Some of the pictures remind me of the SMG Esquire oldskoool pinup style shoot (Wow, that was Dec. '04?)

Also, the wallpaper that uses one of those SMG images plus the CWDP song? I'm a fan.


Also: Collapse )