February 10th, 2007

face up (and sing)

And I'm rereading "Gretel in Darkness."

As I think I've said recently, I dislike that I haven't had the time/energy to engage with my flist, 'cause it makes me feel so disconnected (plus of course like I'm a bad friend). (I'm also frustrated that I'm so behind in writing stuff up, but that's less related to the subject of this particular entry.) I went to the Smith College Club tea at UpStairs today, and I actually enjoyed some of the people, but I was so reminded how I miss my queer fannish people. I'm acquiring good communities of people, not to mention keeping busy, but I still miss "my people." [And just in case it needs clarifying, I mean my particular set of people, not to say that all queer and/or fannish people automatically feel like home to me.] Plus I just watched the most recent CSI episode which was of course so uplifting.