February 13th, 2007

snuggle happy rest

I even got stuff accomplished at work today.

The endodontist's office called, asking me to get over-the-counter non-drowsy Dramamine and take 25mg one hour before my appointment on Friday (with the Ativan).  I'm not convinced this is gonna help with a gag reflex, but whatever.

I should have done Medieval Church reading tonight, but I had no real obligations and much enjoyed that fact.  I made myself dinner and put on warm pajamas (as opposed to the merely long-sleeved ones I've been wearing).  I also ordered socks online 'cause mine keep getting holes in the right big toe.  Bzuh?

People are talking about fairytales on my flist.  ♥

I haven't been watching tv weather, so I don't know the predicted accumulations for tomorrow (though I'm pissed that it's supposed to turn to rain, 'cause that's gross and dangerous).  We shall see.  I have no expectations.  Because this is New England.