February 17th, 2007



Ah, travel costs.

MBTA (Boston-Worcester): $7.75
taxi (train station to where Jonah lives): $9.00

taxi (from where Jonah lives to the station): $7.50
Peter Pan (Worcester to Newton/Boston): $9.00

Boston-Worcester: ~1hr
station-Jonah: ~10min.


So yeah.  I went out to Worcester to attend Jonah's 21st birthday dinner.  It was at Dalat, a Vietnamese restaurant.  I much prefer Pho/Li's, personally.  They had boba slushes, though.  (I thought of Eric.)  I ordered a coconut one, but they were out, so I got watermelon instead.  It was yummy.  Jonah ordered an avocado one, which I didn't think tasted like much of anything.

He turned 21 on Tuesday and had yet to buy his first legal drink, so afterward we went to a bar so I could buy him a drink.  We tried the Blarney Stone first, but the music was So Loud.  Next we went to Foo Bar, which wasn't as bad.  He got a Cosmo and I got a screwdriver.  They came in plastic cups.  I think that was a first for me.

After we got back to his room, Jonah showed me the pilot episode of Weeds: "You Can't Miss the Bear."  I enjoyed it.  Collapse )


In other news:

People left me comments of hugs on my last root canal post.  I honestly was totally not expecting that.  Thanks, y'all.  (My mom also sent me a sweet e-mail.)

Emma called me today!  Yay for joy.  And yeah, I so fail at "So what's been going on in your life?"  (Er, fail at answering the question off the top of my head, I mean.)