February 20th, 2007

crazy [lavellebelle]


On Saturday I came down with a cold, so I was drinking hot water throughout the weekend. Yesterday afternoon I somehow knocked over a full mug when I was at my computer. I thought I'd drained the keyboard fairly thoroughly, but later some of the keys weren't working and later none of them were working. Hopefully tonight I can obtain a screwdriver from OriginalRoomie, open it up, and get it back to functional that way, 'cause I really want to be able to use my computer at home. (I know I can order a new keyboard, but if that's necessary I won't have at-home computer functionality until it arrives. Unrelatedly, I really need to purchase an external hard drive. My computer itself was being wonky last night, and I hope that's keyboard related, though it'll be six years old this summer.)


In better news, I found out how to solve the problem that Semagic updating tags doesn't reflect any tag deletions you've made.


And it's nine o'clock. Oy vey, 27 new e-mails.
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Shrove Tuesday

I finished my school reading yesterday but aforementioned keyboard trouble meant I wasn't able to post.

Reading about the ascetic life (Anthony, Benedict, etc.) makes me grumpy.

I don't know what I'm doing for Lent. I don't particularly feel like I have the time to add anything to my life (like reading poetry as I did last year; though I may friend breathe_poetry), but some sort of daily devotional would be in keeping with the season.

Maybe (in the spirit of holistic embodiment) I'll start actually going to the gym. Endorphins for the win, right? Though that still wouldn't be a daily thing unless I can really force myself to get up early every morning.

Speaking of: "Monet Refuses The Operation" by Lisel Mueller


from myHBS:
Ash Wednesday Mass and ash distribution will take place in the Class of 1959 Chapel Wed., 2/21 at 3pm.

I almost wanna get ashed this year (though I probably won't actually do it). I've been doing all this stuff, but haven't been feeling really spiritually connected. I could talk at greater length about this, but it's now after 5pm [Insert gripes about scheduling/Recruiting here.], and I'm off to meet Tiffany (CWM pastor) at Mr. Crepe for coffee.
hermione by oatmilk

brudder FTW

Programs: Accessories: Accessibility: On-Screen Keyboard

(He also pointed out that I could purchase a new keyboard in-store, and even Googled to find stores near me. I always forget there's a Staples right in Harvard Square.)