February 24th, 2007


Fire Serpent (Sci-Fi Channel, 2007)

I watched my first Sci-Fi Channel Original Movie today. I blame fox1013 (and musesfool). [P.S. IMBb says its Working Title was "Alien Fire." Which phrase at least actually was in the movie.]

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Edit: Remember that movie that James Marsters had a small role in? House on Haunted Hill? [Wow, 1999?] Apparently it also has Famke Janssen and a slew of other people and premieres on Sci-Fi March 3 at 9/8C.
hipster me

"you'd better put some beauty back, while you got the energy"

Well, I did laundry today.  There's so much I want to do, and yet I sit down at a computer and have absolutely no motivation.  I hate that.

Around 5pm I went for a walk and got dinner at the Qdoba in Porter Square.  While I was down there, I picked up a canister of de-icer at Tags.  At points on my walk home, I was "tempted to become the Johnny Appleseed of rock salt."

I saw that Somerville Theater is showing Pan's Labyrinthvikingkangaroo, are you interested?

Before lunch on Friday, we were talking about weekend plans, and I told Eric I had to write a "four to five page paper" and he heard "forty-five page paper."  Ha.  I'm not actually optimistic about my ability to write even those few pages as I feel like the topic question can be answered in about two sentences.

Hee, "Sci-Fi Survival Tip No. 17: Never Brew Love Potions -- Around Family Members."  seanarenay's Annual Incest Fic Challenge is going on now.

Erm, why is my new wireless mouse squeaking?