February 26th, 2007

hermione by oatmilk

" 'Cause everywhere you are feels like home."

I didn't get home from church until about 1pm today.  My mom came by around 3:30.  We headed over to the "Revival Time Gospel Concert" at Somerville Community Baptist (Community Gospel Choir, with Guest Choir Fellowship Church of God Jamaica Plain).

My mom told me about talking to Joe F. recently and how he commented on my responses to his columns saying, "It's like an autopsy."  That is the best description of my detail-oriented critical approach to texts that I have ever heard.  And recalling it will fill me with delight for at least a week I expect.

We got there and both wondered if Joe&Carol would be there as attendees.  I noticed he was actually listed in the program as MC and then my mom saw him sitting in a front row.  He came over and asked, "How'd you hear about this?"  Hi, Joe, you've mentioned this at the last one if not two Singspirations.

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We didn't stay for fellowship 'cause my mom was taking me to dinner and wanted to get home to work/sleep at something resembling a reasonable hour.  I asked if there was anywhere she particularly wanted to go and she suggested if there was somewhere I'd been wanting to try, so I suggested Sabur since I always think of it as too pricey/classy to try out myself/with friends.

I got the "Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed Gnocchi with Walnut Oil Dressing, Roasted Peppers and Grana Parmesan" and she got the "Roasted Garlic Polenta, Wood Grilled Artichokes, Tomato & Olives."  I also got dessert: "Macedonian Wild Fig Sundae with Vanilla Gelato, Almond Frangipane & Pomegranate Caramel."  The food was definitely good, though not so good that I would be likely to go back and pay those prices myself.  Oh, and the interior is nice, more cozy than I had been expecting.

My Medieval Church paper is basically a string of quoted passages.  The question is mad lame.  The undergrad question is way better.  ::pouts::  (So while I feel abashed handing in this piece of junk, I look forward to discussing the undergrad question in class.)

snowy day!

Walking to work this morning, heavy white clumps falling.  I was dripping wet by the time I got in to the office, but I was happy.

And it was pretty out.  The campus looks so pretty under snow, especially the big pine tree.

Walking back to the Square after work: clear walkways, blue sky, cool -- not even crisp, but a soft cool... this is what beautiful winter is.


And I caught up on tv writeups.  CSI, WaT, HIMYM, The Class, Heroes, NCIS.  All backdated to spare your flist.