February 27th, 2007


"I don't know how to get home."

I bought groceries today and brought them home in my new canvas tote bag.  I felt so earthy.

I am still tempted to get the "Liberal Advisory: I Am An Evil Conservative" one.


I bought a Western Digital external hard drive and it's giving me an error message.  I e-mailed tech support but still, technology why are you mean to me recently?  (My mouse squeaking every time I left-click is also starting to really get on my nerves.)


penknife writes:
I thought it would be fun to try a multifandom, low-pressure challenge: the "I Never ..." challenge. It's your chance to stretch yourself by writing something you've never tried before [...]
I don't think I actually want to sign up, but it was interesting, thinking about what haven't I written?

I was looking at thete1's cliché list.  Hooker AU is a Thing?  It occurred to me that I'm actually writing that in "Five People Who Never Had Sex With Malcolm Reynolds."  I had started talking more about this, but who really needs to hear me talk about how everything I'm working on right now apparently has dark at least slightly fucked-up relationship themes/dynamics?