March 4th, 2007


"And as I recall, I think, we both kinda liked it." // "Well, that's the one thing we've got."

I was told it was going to snowstorm on Thursday.  Instead we got rain.

I knew Saturday was predicted to be a high of 50 and that that would feel warm after the temps we'd been having, but when I left my parents' house around 11am to go to the library, dressed in fairly light clothes, I thought it was astonishingly warm out.  When I got home to Somerville and checked at 4pm it said the current temp was 55F, so I wonder how warm it actually was then in Norwood.

Now we're back to winter temps for a while, which I'm okay with.


NHS has a cappella now?  My dad went to a performance on Friday while my mom and I went to Singspiration.

Naifee and Isabel both called me "Barbara" (my mom's name).  And the guy who gave me a ride home (JoeF's insistence, though I'd resigned myself to that in advance) asked me how old I was and when I told him said I looked much younger.  Yeah, I know.  Le sigh.

There were some hymns I liked -- e.g. "Shine, Jesus, Shine."
Four out of the eight 770's were requested.  They're in the "Everlasting Fellowship || Eternal Life and Heaven" section.  I obviously have issues with these.  The "Won't it be wonderful to leave this world" sentiment obviously troubles me, and at the same time most everyone regardless of religious beliefs seems very opposed to dying (and not even the suffering likely to accompany it but the actual dying -- c.f. JoeF's "Horse sense teaches about compassion and dignity") which seems very hypocritical to me.


My aunt's nursing program graduation is the same date as Smith graduation.  I'm okay with choosing Reunion and all that entails over seeing the immediate extended family but am miffed that I can't do both.

Does LJ do automatic IP address reading or something?  'Cause I went to log in to LiveJournal Friday night and the main page was showing me Westwood, MA classifieds.

* (via escritoireazul): brynwulf has a poll up checking interest in a post-apocalyptical panfandom fic archive.
* Hi, I might be buying the next GQ -- for the Katie Heigl photoshoot.
* Which reminds me, 1968 topless Judi Dench.
* mind controlling pigeons, by remote control
* "Swiss Accidentally Invade Liechtenstein"

MaryAlice told me on Thursday that Wash (Alan Tudyk) was in 28 Days.  I remember recognizing Azura Skye (BtVS 7.04) in that, so I'm not sure how I didn't recognize Wash.

P.S. sigrun made me a Kitty Pryde Ravenclaw icon which I like muchly :)