March 7th, 2007

hermione by oatmilk

It's Wednesday already?

So, who besides my mother and I noticed the Metro headline typo today?  ("Council looks to reign in guerrilla marketing" -- page 2 above-the-fold, IIRC)

I've been in a much better mood recently (today especially), so yay for that.  (I also went to bed ~9:30 last night just because I could.)

I'm thinking buying lunch at work with some regularity may actually be worth it, 'cause it means I get real food.  Yes, laziness is trumping cheapness.

I haven't been tagged for the "your favorite 5 of your own fics" meme (except for antheia tagging "anyone who hasn't done this already") but obviously have been thinking about it.  When scrollgirl did it she said, "My favourites can't help but be the best things I've written," and I immediately thought, "No, [for me] it's totally the self-indulgent ones, regardless of how good they actually are," but when I actually went to look I found myself thinking "Oh I love that idea" about a lot of fics and "That was a well-done fic" about some fics, but not actually feeling in love with any of the fics particularly, which was weird.

In other news, musesfool posted vaguely caper-y fic about Mal and nuns :)

I happened across an lj entry recently and thought there was an e. e. cummings poem about saying "yes," but maybe I'm thinking of "i thank You God for most this amazing," 'cause preliminary Googling is coming up empty.

I learned via the flist that Hermione's Patronus is an otter.  (Somehow this piece of info from OotP didn't stick in my mind at all.)  In looking at Wiki to confirm, I also learned that JKR initially wanted her surname to be "Puckle," meaning a goblin or elf; huh.


More casting info on the Grey's Anatomy spinoff:
[Tim] Daly's character is described as "handsome, sincere, like a McDreamy."

It was not clear what character [Paul] Adelstein will play. The breakdown also includes a female psychiatrist and a female fertility specialist.
I am confused as to when McDreamy was "sincere," but I endorse the presence of females in the cast so that there can be f/f fic.


I was wikipediaing Tara for a fic and learned:
Joss Whedon originally wanted an actress with a smaller, less voluptuous frame, but Marti Noxon saw the vulnerability in Amber Benson's portrayal of Tara and called her back after her audition[4].

^ Eden, Martin, "Alyson Wonderland", from Buffy the Vampire Slayer magazine #15 (UK, December 2000), page 8-14.
I still have serious issues with Noxon's major involvement in bad plotlines of S6, but she wins big points with me for that.