March 14th, 2007


a selection of the day's happy anecdotes

Pi Day!
I printed this out to put up on my wall at work.  No lie.  (This means I took down my Firefly calendar pages and currently have my X3 promo combo of Warren-Jean-Rogue, the Pressure and Limitations demotivators, and the Firefly Determination.  On my sidewall that is.  My frontwall still has all the Allie art.  Am pondering including this cast pic on the sidewall as well.)

[I was laughing at it when FormerUnitHead was picking some stuff up at the printer and he said, "Don't you know you're not allowed to have that much fun at work?"  I said, "Is it okay if I wasn't doing work?  Does that make it better or worse?"]


We had a meeting through lunchtime in a conference room down on Eric's floor and brought the extra food back upstairs.  The doors are pull, and I was carrying a tray, so knowing Ranjan was behind me and had a free hand, I said, "Can you get the door for me?"
"Absolutely not," said Eric, whose desk is right there.
"I wasn't talking to you," I said.

"Guess what came out today?" he said.
It took me a second, 'cause usually it's DVDs, but I'd seen Sharon's post this morning, so I said, "Buffy Season 8 comic."
He had a copy in his bag.  I said I was gonna stop by the comic book store after work.


It was freakishly warm out when I left work at 5pm.  Way to remind me how much I do not look forward to the onset of summer.

Spray paint guy remembered my name, which impressed me since it's been months and I've certainly forgotten *his* name.


"More men than women take teddy bears to bed when sleeping alone, according to a new study. "


Less is More fic challenge [masterlist here]
write the hottest fic you can (all fandoms are welcome, as is slash, het, threesomes, whatever) that doesn't involve any actual sexing. Maybe some above-the-waist touching (fingertips on a wrist, breath on the back of a neck), and maybe a kiss or two if you absolutely must, but that's it—we want flirting and longing and proximity and teasing and when-we-get-home-I'm-going-to-fuck-you-through-the-mattress non-explicit HOTNESS.