March 31st, 2007



I think I had lunch from the Global Vegetarian bar every (work)day this week.  [Italy, Mexico, Eastern European, Japan, Southern USA]  Go me with the consumption of actual food.  (As opposed to doing either the: bring peanut butter sandwich, apple, and yogurt from home every day, or buying pasta every day.)  Yeah, I think the expenditure of money is worth it since it means I consume real food.

Friday morning, having checked the day's weather before I left the house (37F, predicted high of 61F), I was thinking, "It's that season, when it's cold in the morning but warm in the afternoon."  (I remember from high school, not wanting to bother with a heavy coat in the morning that I would just have to carry home in the afternoon.)

I was on JFK St. walking to work and somebody honked.  Was John P. -- and the traffic was stopped, so we actually got to say hi for a minute.  He never manages to get to my office when he's working at the b-school, so this was an unexpected pleasure.

I went to the gym after work [week 1, day 3], did 30 minutes on the elliptical (one with moving handles -- hi, mom), interval, plus a 5-minute cool-down, and due to the gorgeousness decided to walk all the way home.

Entering Harvard Yard I had a bit of nostalgia -- there were some kids next to me and the the one nearest me had a 2004 Million Muff March pin on her bag, her black hair mostly dyed a magenta-y purple, and facial piercings.  You just don't see that at the b-school.

This morning I slept in until about 8:30 and went and got my haircut, which I was beginning to feel overdue for.

thistlerose, I thought of you, 'cause when I was walking to the T afterward I saw a big sign outside BPL for John Adams Unbound -- sadly it only goes through April 29.

I took the train to Porter, had lunch at Qdoba (confirmed that yes I am a mild salsa rather than a medium salsa person), and walked to Harvard.  I've gotten used to cutting through the campus to get from the Square to Mass. Ave., but apparently trying to do it in the reverse my abysmal sense of direction comes out.  The highlight was seeing signs for the Harvard Museum of Natural History on a construction area, which I recognized from when I was coming back from the div school library, but I still couldn't figure out how to get where I was going.  [map]

While still on Mass. Ave. I was passed by a woman in a Simmons t-shirt (I thought of you, mom), and right behind her a woman in a navy Mustangs sweatshirt, though I couldn't tell if it was Norwood or not (IIRC, one of the M-towns also has the Mustangs as its mascot).

I know from the Harvard Gazette that Bill Gates is giving the Commencement Address (his class' 30th Reunion), but in pulling up the Harvard site to get some links, I see: "President Clinton to deliver 2007 Class Day address."  Big year, huh?  (Though does Harvard ever get no-name people like most colleges/universities usually do?  I've never paid much attention.)

Anyway, I finally got to the gym [week 1, day 4] -- though I was feeling kind of like, "Do I really need to work out after all this?"  I did the same thing as yesterday, though I also tried going backwards a few times, which definitely works some additional muscles.

Yesterday evening I was a bit sad to see the spray paint guy wasn't out, so I was pleased to see him when I came back this afternoon, though I didn't stop to chat.  There was an Easter Bunny handing out small pink flyers right outside the T stairs.  I was tempted to take a flyer out of curiosity, but the *creepy* won out and I avoided her/him it.  (Yeah, I did opt to take the T rather than adding 20 more minutes of walking to my day.)

Oh, my city.

As I left Davis T I saw Katherine (from Clarendon Hill Presby) coming in to the station, and we exchanged hellos.  Yay small world.

After I came home, I watched CSI (see previous entry), did laundry, and bought groceries.  There are 3 almost-empty containers of milk in our fridge.  None of them are mine.  How does that happen?  (There are only 2 other people who live here.)

Does anyone wanna go to Titus Andronicus with me?  I was thinking I should figure out when I'm going, so if you wanna come with place your vote now.  Also, Layna, have you decided on a date for your party yet?