April 1st, 2007


"Mythos" is Greek and its plural therefore is "mythoi."

Last week I left feedback for a fic ("Timelapse") by musamea [Sidenote: I saw her top 5 own fics list and have read all of them] and in part of her response she said:
By the way, I hope you don't mind that I friended you. I just realized that you're the owner of athenewriter.com, with its fantastically organized recs section. Plus, you were an English major and list greek myth and the Dewey Decimal System under your interests. How could I resist? :)

I finally did a recs page update today.  (Only took me three months since the last one.  Sigh.)  It's been temperamental, so if you can't access the site, um, I apologize and will bake you cookies?

In wanting Heroes fic, I read lots of hackthis because I know she's good, but that means all I'm reading is Petrellicest -- which I'm not opposed to, but I want Eden fic, Haitian fic, possibly Hana fic, Micah fic, possibly Claire fic (she gets lots of screentime in such a way that I'm not feeling hungry like I need more stories to fill in the gaps, but I love Claire so I certainly wouldn't be opposed to Claire fic -- or fic about any of the Bennets for that matter, or Meredith).  Also Claude fic, backstory for either or both Petrelli parents, oh or Heidi fic.  Also, Candice.

I should friend ninth_wonders, but I've been soured on fandom newsletters and don't really want to read mediocre fic.

I was also debating whether in anticipation of Heroes becoming a substantial fandom I should give it its own page.  (As of this update I only have 7 fics recced in the fandom.)  When I first binged on Grey's Anatomy recs I made them their own page, though that was partly to minimize their presence 'cause hi, I have shame (though less so now).  I had 14 fics recced in that fandom in that first round.  What's my cutoff gonna be for giving a fandom its own page?  I currently have 13 TNG fics and 20 Good Omens fics and neither of them has its own page.  I'm also worrying whether the list of non-Whedon fandoms [i.e. the list you see in one big blockquote on the main fandom page and at the top of the "Other Fic Recs" page] is getting overwhelming and I should break it up somehow -- even just paragraph breaks every ten fandoms or something (I tried breaking it up by media format but that just wasn't working).

I thought about compromising and giving Heroes its own section in the Updates list, direct linking to its section in the Other Fandoms page. This then got me wondering about whether I should do that for other "major" fandoms (like The West Wing).  I decided that there was such a glut of "other" fandoms that I would just create subset headings within the "other fandoms" update list (though this then begs the question of whether I should just make all the fic recs one big list with subset headings -- I like the idea of streamlining, but I think losing the "privileging" of major fandoms [since it would all be alphabetical] would be, well, a loss).  Lemme know if this appears to you a good or a bad idea. And yes, I still want input on the other above-mentioned site management issues.

And yes, I'm still recurrently tempted to get a del.icio.us as a redundancy for the entire recs portion of the site (and possibly taking a hint from musesfool and making a second one for all my own fic), though I'm not entirely sold on the tagging system.

Oh, and recalling thelastgoodname's post about the lack of femslash07 squee, I did an imperfect tally of how many of my recs focus on an f/f relationship: 16, with 70 other recs -- though this "other" includes at least one fic centering on a female-female friendship and some non-'ship fics focusing on a female character.
Ravenpuff, Kitty Pryde

5 years, baby.

Dude, I don't even know what to say.

And given that it's my five-year anniversary of having an LJ, I feel like I really should.

Basically: I live here.

I'm behind in writeups, comment replies, and flist commentage; and I'm still working on that balance of writing for myself and writing for an audience; my tags are still incomplete, and my Memories are a bit of a mess.  But this is where the bulk of the stuff gets recorded, where so much of my interaction and planning and info-seeking and squeeing and raging happen.  And it's a flawed community, as all are, but I love it.

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To those who celebrate: Happy Palm Sunday and the commencement of Holy Week.  And Happy April Fool's Day.
moon house

"Then sings my soul..."

The weather today has been just beautiful.  Walking back from CWM this evening it was just starting to rain, which is a lovely feeling, and I love the smell of rain on pavement.  When I went to the gym on Saturday it was like the b-school campus had been flooded or something, but that mud smell was great.

Before service at CWM tonight, I had started to read the bulletin and then heard Trevanna call my name.  I looked up to see Mark (sitting behind her) waving piteously.  Apparently I was ignoring him :)  It was a really nice feeling -- that people want my company.

Tiffany also said we should do coffee again, which lifted my heart.  I said it would have to be a little later than last time 'cause I've been going to the gym after work.  I said that it took me forever to actually start going, despite its convenience, and now I'm like, "Oh, this is so easy; it only cuts an hour out of my day," and yet I can't manage to do my Medieval Church reading or even spend ten minutes each morning in Scripture.  She said she thinks working out can be a spiritual thing -- wholeness etc. and said she's never been able to meditate while at the gym, but...  I said that my mom had talked about getting into a contemplative space at the gym and I can't do that but that I have been making a conscious effort to when I'm walking (which I am a lot) to instead of obsessively planning to really try to be in prayer.  [I also thought, though I did not mention, that "wholeness" seems to have become my big theme in trying to deal with spirituality.]

I'm starting to feel just a little bit like I'm actually living this spiritual journey (as opposed to doing lots of unconnected intellectual engagement -- and thus am feeling a little but more at peace with all the as-yet-unfinished to-do-list items related to all that learning).


In other news, I got an e-mail today.
The annual Boston Gay & Lesbian Film & Video Festival at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston is right around the corner, May 9-20. Film selections & schedule will be available within the coming weeks at www.mfa.org.
I am sad that one of the weekends of the festival is Reunion since I'm already limited as to when I can go what with church stuff -- the e-mail was about volunteering during the festival and I'm not even sure I can swing that, though I suppose I might look into it.  That it is coming up makes me feel a bit guilty that I still have unfinished writeups from when I went last year, but the existence of the festival makes me really happy.